Black Sea training shows a strong defense relationship between NATO and Ukraine

Riding the USS Ross (AP) — Ukraine and NATO dozens of warships at a two-week show of strong defense and capabilities following a confrontation between Russian troops and British destroyers off the coast of Crimea last month. We carried out the Black Sea training including.

Operation Sea Breeze 2021, which is scheduled to conclude Saturday, involved approximately 30 warships and 40 aircraft from NATO member states and Ukraine. The captain of the US Navy destroyer USS Ross, who participated in the training, said the exercise was designed to improve the coordination of equipment and personnel in participating countries.

“We want to show everyone in the international community that no country can claim the Black Sea or international waters,” Cmdr said. John D. John said on board a guided missile destroyer previously deployed in the area for training. “These waters belong to the international community and we promise that all countries will have access to international waterways.”

The Russian Defense Ministry said it is closely monitoring the sea breeze. Russian troops also conducted a series of parallel training in the Black Sea and southwestern Russia, military aircraft bombed, and long-range air defense missiles deployed to protect the coast.

Russia said last month that one of the Black Sea warships fired a warning shot, dropping a bomb in the path of the Royal Navy’s destroyer HMS Defender, driving it away from near the Crimean Peninsula, which Moscow claims to be territorial waters. Body of water.

Russia has accused the defenders of being provocative and warned that they could fire next time to attack invading warships.

Like most other countries, Britain, unaware that Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine in 2014, claimed that the defenders were not fired on June 23, and Russia took the plane into the air. During a confrontation, he said he was navigating the Ukrainian waters when he was sent and heard the shooting.

The incident heightened tensions between Russia and NATO allies. Russia’s Western relations are low after the Cold War over Moscow’s 2014 merger of Crimea, support for separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine, accusations of Russian hacking attacks, election interference and other stimuli Sinked in.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin knew last week that the West couldn’t win such a war, so even if Russia sank a British ship, the case with Defender wouldn’t cause a global conflict. Said that. The statement appeared to indicate Putin’s determination to raise stakes if a similar incident reoccurs.

John said he was riding Ross and that Sea Breeze participants were exercising their right to operate on the high seas. He described the training as “a concrete demonstration of our mutual commitment to a safe and stable Black Sea region.”

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