Black woman with 6 years in prison for voting registration

Pamela Moses is no longer eligible to vote forever after pleading guilty to two felony in 2015.

Memphis activist Pamela Moses By illegally voting and registering in 2019, he was sentenced to 6 years and 1 day in prison.

Moses, 44, was convicted in November 2021 of registering for a felony conviction and voting in her records. Newsweek Report. She was disqualified from voting permanently in Tennessee after pleading guilty to two felony and three misdemeanors in 2015 and was put on probation for seven years. At the time, she was allegedly charged with falsification, forgery, perjury, stalking, less than $ 500 theft, and escape.

Pamela Moses (Credit: YouTube Screenshot)

Pamela Moses (Credit: YouTube Screenshot)

Moses, the founder of Black Lives Matter Memphis, claimed to believe that her voting rights were restored in 2019. Her judge accused her of deceiving her civil servants.

“I didn’t tamper with anything. All I did was try to regain the right to vote for what the Election Commission people told me and how the clerk did,” she said. Said at the sentencing hearing on January 26th. WREG-TV Memphis reported.

“You tricked the probation department into giving you a document that you were out of probation,” the judge said. Mark Ward.. “After being convicted of a felony in 2015, I voted six times as a convicted felony.”

Moses explained in an interview with Parents Last year, her story began after her guilty plea in 2015, and she wasn’t informed that she was no longer eligible to vote.

“They didn’t say anything about voting. They didn’t say anything about not voting, they could vote … none of them,” she told the British press.

Around Parents The court reportedly did not notify the electoral authorities to remove Moses from the electoral list. Moses discovered this when he tried to run for Mayor of Memphis in 2018, but was informed by the election authorities that he was unable to run for election because of his criminal record.

At that time, Moses consulted with the judge. Her judge informed her that she was still on probation. According to the report, Moses determined that the judge had miscalculated her decision, and she mistakenly signed an official document indicating that probation of Moses had ended, so she did the same. Seems to have convinced.

Election officials received an email from the Corrections Bureau a day later informing them that they were not eligible to vote due to the negligence of the guardian and Moses was convicted of a felony. She never actually voted, she just registered. She thought she could do it.

“I was convicted of changing a document that I didn’t even sign.” She told reporters..

Moses was charged with falsely claiming that the probationary period had expired when he submitted a recovery certificate and voter registration application to the Shelby County Election Commission. Fox news Report.

“Black woman Pamela Moses was sentenced to six years in prison for a voting mistake, while whites known to have voted blatantly were only probated.” The NAACP Legal Defense Education Fund said in a statement. twitter..

Moses has reportedly been detained and is expected to appeal her decision.

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