Blackwater founder Erik Prince offers evacuation flights from Kabul for $ 6,500 per person


Blackwater founder Erik Prince offers an alternative arrangement to evacuate qualified Afghans from Kabul, but it is expensive.

With the president Joe Biden Sticking to the August 31 deadline for U.S. military withdrawal, the U.S. priority Flying Passport-Carrying US Citizens from Afghanistan Before other eligible refugees or special immigrant visa applicants. This created a situation that contributed to widespread despair around Hamid Karzai International Airport. TalibanRegaining power.

Prince said he would offer seats for charter flights from Kabul for $ 6,500 per person as Afghanistan in the region noticed that the opportunity to flee the country was rapidly closing. according to To The Wall Street Journal.

Alex Prizas, a U.S. Army combat veteran involved in relief efforts in Afghanistan, said:

Afghan refugees arrive at Dulles Airport after evacuating Kabul

According to Prince, the price includes admission to the airport and flights.But, as many Afghans did, he would charge more passengers if transportation from the capital to the airport was needed. I was blocked According to the Taliban Security Checkpoint in Kabul.

The news of his charter flight offer urged some Twitter users to criticize the move.Maria Abi Habib, director of the New York Times’ Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, said the operation was “Take advantage of people’s despair.”

According to confidential information, Prince, a brother of former Navy Seal and former Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos, armed militia leaders and foreign mercenaries who planned to overthrow the country’s internationally supported government in 2019. UN report violating the UN embargo on Libya when sending Obtained According to the New York Times in February.

Former president Donald Trump forgiveness Four of Blackwater’s former private security contractors convicted of the 2007 Iraqi civilian massacre of Nisor Square killed 14 unarmed Iraqi citizens and injured at least 17 others. The previous administration said in December 2020, “Prosecutors have recently relied heavily on prosecutors to confirm that there were no victims of rebels and to collect evidence, more than a decade after the incident. Revealed that. The rebel group itself. “

A group of UN experts accused the amnesty As an “insult to justice”.

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According to the White House, the United States has evacuated approximately 82,000 people by military and coalition flights from Kabul International Airport in Kabul since August 14, the day before the Taliban occupied the capital of Afghanistan and overwhelmed the previous administration. This number includes approximately 4,000 US passport carriers.

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