Blair warns that the biggest geopolitical changes are coming from China, not Russia.


The biggest geopolitical changes come from China, not Russia. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair warned that the Chinese government is trying to compete with the Western political system and lifestyle.

Prime Minister Blair will give an annual lecture on the Ditchley Foundation on July 16 with a focus primarily on UK-US relations, a coherent strategy to counter China’s rise as the “world’s second-largest superpower.” Called on Western countries to come together to formulate. .. “

Despite Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, he said, “the biggest geopolitical change of the century will come from China, not Russia.”

“A completely different level”

Prime Minister Blair said the country’s economy is “70 percent larger than Italy,” despite Russia’s “significant military power.”

In comparison, China’s power is “a completely different level,” with a population of 1.3 billion and an economy “close to the United States,” he said.

He added: “For the past 20 years, we have pursued and built relationships with the world in a positive and successful way.”

“China is currently catching up with the United States in many areas of technology and may surpass it in others,” he added.

“Compete for influence”

The former Prime Minister warned that Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Xi Jinping did not keep his ambitions to invade Taiwan.

He said Russia’s President Vladimir Putin’s “brutal and unjust” invasion of Ukraine showed that the West could no longer automatically expect major world powers to follow accepted international norms.

“As a result of Putin’s actions, we cannot rely on Chinese leaders to act in a way that we consider reasonable,” Blair said.

“And on the Taiwanese side, the reality is that China is competing for influence under the leadership of the West and is actively doing so,” he said, Beijing “not just for power. Will also compete with our system, the way we govern and live. ” .. “

Gentle power

Prime Minister Blair said Western nations need to be strong enough to uphold their systems and values.

He said Western countries need to increase their defense spending to maintain their military advantage while expanding their “soft power” by building relations with developing countries.

Prime Minister Blair reminds the West of the importance of soft power as China and other countries such as Russia, Turkey and Iran pour resources into developing countries while building strong defenses and political ties. He said it was essential.

“We have a great opportunity. Developing countries prefer Western business. They are more skeptical of Chinese contracts than they were ten years ago. They are more Western than we are aware of. I admire the system, “he said.

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Alexander Chan