Blinken Ends Trump’s Rights Plan to Promote Conservative Agenda

Washington (AP) —A sharp rebuke of Trump-era policy Secretary of State Antony Blinken On Tuesday, he officially abandoned the blueprint endorsed by his predecessor, limiting the promotion of human rights abroad in the United States to conservative causes such as religious freedom and property issues, reproduction and LGBTQ. Dismiss the right of.

State Department officials said Blinken “resolutely” rejected the report produced by former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, which aimed to reduce the number of freedoms prioritized in US foreign policy.Report from Pompeo’s Inviolable Rights Commission It was severely criticized by human rights groups.

Blinken also overturned the Trump administration’s decision to remove the Reproductive Rights section from the State Department’s annual foreign human rights report, and anonymously to preview Blinken’s remarks prior to the publication of the national report. Late Tuesday, according to officials who spoke on the terms.

Human rights defender Condemned the Commission’s 60-page report When Pompeo announced it last year, there was a great fanfare from religious and social conservatives.The report was part of Broader playing card management efforts To restore the superiority of the authorities considering the values ​​of the founding father of the United States.

Pompeo promoted the report at an event from Pennsylvania to Indonesia, and in numerous interviews with the conservative media in the hope that it would serve as a guide for future administrations.

Blinken said he would refuse to report to the Senate at a confirmation hearing in January, but although the Biden administration had already withdrawn some Trump-era human rights decisions, he had not yet acted on that pledge.Contains them Reinvolvement with the United Nations Human Rights Council, So-called abandonment Geneva Consensus and Mexico City Rules Oppose the right to abortion and recover LGBTQ protection As a matter of management policy.

Officials said on Tuesday that Blinken would insist that all human rights were “universal and equal” and that “there was no hierarchy to make anything more important than others.” Almost all references to the Commission’s report and Pompeo’s allegations have been removed from the State Department’s website, but are still available on archived pages.

Pompeo and many conservatives have long accused him of expanding the definition of “human rights” to include what he believes in the US Constitution is neither divinely given nor particularly sacred. ..

“The international human rights project is at stake,” Pompeo said when he released the Commission’s report at an event in Philadelphia. “Too many human rights defenders are exchanging proud principles with partisan politics,” he said, and “even many well-meaning people are often advocating new and conflicting new rights.” I mourned.

Human rights groups have blamed Pompeo’s conservative scholars for the findings of a committee chaired by the leader of a former Vatican ambassador to the United States. Mary Angrendon, Those who question the legitimacy of rights, including same-sex marriage.

The two-week public comment period since the draft report was released in July 2020 was interrupted by angry condemnation of the withdrawal of U.S. human rights efforts, but the Commission made only minor amendments accordingly. I chose to do it.

For 2020 only, primarily when presenting previously prepared annual human rights reports Inauguration of President Joe Biden According to officials, under the Trump administration’s guidelines, Blinken also instructed the State Department on Tuesday to restore the section on reproductive rights to future editions.

Brinken said in a 2020 report containing information on maternal mortality, discrimination against women in access to sexual and reproductive health care, and government policies on contraception and access to skilled health care during pregnancy and childbirth. Order the department to create an addendum.

The report is expected to highlight concerns about abuse China, Iran, Russia, Myanmar, Belarus And other authoritarian nations.

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