Blinken talks to China during the Ukrainian crisis

When Russia moved troops to Ukraine, Secretary of State Antony Blinken called on February 22 to discuss tensions in the region with Chinese responders.

The call came after Beijing and Moscow declared an “unrestricted” friendship earlier this month.

Blinken spoke with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi about Russia’s “attack” against Ukraine over the phone, U.S. spokesman Ned Price said. statement..

“The Secretary emphasized the need to maintain Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” a brief statement said.

Hours before the convocation, Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered his troops to be sent to two separatist areas in eastern Ukraine after admitting they were independent. This move has increased fear of a full-scale Russian invasion and has attracted strong criticism from the West. The United States said Tuesday that it would impose additional sanctions in response to Russia’s actions.

According to Mr. Wang, the Chinese government is following the situation in Ukraine. read out From the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China.

The king told Blinken that Beijing’s stance on the Ukraine issue was “consistent” and that “the legitimate security concerns of any country should be respected.”

Wang takes a clear side between Russia and Ukraine, calling for the administration to “exercise restraint” on all sides, despite the United Front’s appearance of Beijing and Moscow a few weeks ago. He said he kept refraining from doing so.

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Chinese leader Xi Jinping (R) will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin (L) in Beijing on February 4, 2022. (Alexei Druzhinin / Sputnik / AFP via Getty Images)

President Putin met with Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the first day of the Winter Olympics in Beijing. During the summit, the two leaders declared “unrestricted” friendship and issued a joint statement of more than 5,000 words at the solidarity show.

They emphasized opposition to what is called “intervention in domestic affairs” by “other countries” and also protested NATO enlargement.

Russia has long denied plans to attack Ukraine, but threatens unspecified “military-technical” actions unless it receives rigorous security, including a promise that its neighbors will not join NATO. ..

In another statement on Tuesday, the Beijing ministry said the king told Brinken during the call that the administration opposed including Taiwan in its Indo-Pacific strategy.

This month, the United States announced that it would invest more diplomatic and security resources in the Indo-Pacific and vowed to work with partners inside and outside the region to maintain peace and stability in the strait that separates Taiwan and China.

The Chinese government, which has never abandoned the use of force to occupy Taiwan, said the action sent all “wrong cues” to the autonomous islands.

The State Department did not mention Taiwan in the phone reading.

According to both official statements, Blinken and Wang also talked about North Korea.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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