Blizzard Online Carnival 2022 was cancelled


Phillip Faraone via Getty Images

Under the influence of the epidemic, Blizzard’s well-known carnival has not been successfully held in the past two years. Earlier, it was officially announced that the online and offline hybrid “global event” that was to be carried out in early 2022 has now officially suspended planning. “Behind every Blizzard Carnival lies the efforts of everyone and the dedication of the entire company, and this is precisely because we are eager to share the results that everyone has created with our beloved community.” Blizzard is inannouncement“And now, we think that the best way to output this kind of enthusiasm is to support our team to promote the development and optimization of the game.”

At the same time, Blizzard also stated that it “would like to take some time to reimagine the future of Blizzard Carnival,” and said that “no matter where the Blizzard Carnival goes in the future,” it “needs to ensure that it is as safe, comfortable and inclusive as ever.” Although it was not mentioned in the statement, the outside world has speculated that the cancellation of the carnival is related to Blizzard’s recent sexual harassment scandal. The blow it brings may be more serious than the epidemic.

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