Blockade gathering at Boris Johnson’s apartment in 12 events under British police investigation

British police are investigating a rally at 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister Boris Johnson, during a COVID-19 pandemic. This is one of 12 events in the heart of the UK government investigating possible lockdown rule violations.

It was revealed in an update by senior civil servant Sugley (pdf) About the investigation of a rally suspected of breaking the blockade on the government premises during the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus pandemic.

Gray’s team handed over hundreds of documents and photographs to the police in connection with the 12 events of 2020 and 2021 that took place when England was under COVID-19 restrictions.

Gray’s report released on Monday included two rallies in Downing Street on November 13, 2020, one of which was shared by the Prime Minister and his wife, Carrie Johnson. It is done in an apartment and is a special adviser. “

“Special Advisor” almost certainly refers to Dominic Cummings. Dominic Cummings was Johnson’s tenth right-hand man, but has since become one of his most intense critics.

Dominic Cummings
Former No. 10 Special Advisor Dominic Cummings will leave his home on January 24, 2022 to speak to the London press. (Tolga Akmen / AFP via Getty Images)

At that time, the Johnson administration placed England under a second national blockade, banning meetings with people from other households, with permitted exceptions, including labor purposes.

The Metropolitan Police Department is also investigating an event in the 10th Cabinet Room on June 19, 2020 to commemorate Johnson’s 56th birthday.

We are also investigating the May 20, 2020 “Bring Yourself” event at Number 10 Garden, where Johnson attended for 25 minutes.

According to Gray, her team interviewed more than 70 individuals several times, looking at emails, WhatsApp messages, text messages, photos, and building entry / exit logs.

Her report pointed to a “serious failure” to comply with the high standards expected of those working at the center of government, and criticized some of No. 10 and the Cabinet Office’s “failure in leadership and judgment.” ..

Faced with a member of parliament at the House of Commons on Monday after the report was published, Johnson apologized again, insisting that “I get it and I fix it.”

He promised to make major changes to the way the government operates. This includes establishing the Prime Minister’s Office with the Vice-Minister to lead No. 10.

He also promised to publish a more complete version of Gray’s report after the police investigation was over.

However, the Prime Minister repeatedly refused to attend the rally held in his apartment on November 13, 2020.

On Tuesday, Labor leader Sir Keir Starmer repeated his call for Johnson to resign.

“The prime minister broke the rules, he lied about breaking the rules,” he told the BBC.

“There is a person at the center of this who has caused all these problems and has been the subject of criminal investigations because of his own actions. That is why I sincerely believe that it is time for him to go.”

Former Conservative Cabinet Minister Andrew Mitchell, who publicly told the Johnson in Commons that he was in favor of him, told the BBC that number 10 was run like a “medieval court.” The crisis has told the Conservatives that it is “doing a great deal of damage.”

PA Media contributed to this report.

Alexander Chan