Blockade of COVID-19, demonstrations broke out all over Europe over obligations


Thousands of French people marched in Paris and other French cities on Saturday, demonstrating against a special “health pass”. Most protests were peaceful with some sporadic clashes.

Approximately 3,000 security forces were deployed around Paris during the third weekend of protests against the pass, which was soon needed to enter restaurants and elsewhere. The so-called “health pass” system, which is likened to a vaccine passport, was passed by the French Parliament last week, and the law came into effect on August 9th, later this month.

Meanwhile, a court in Berlin on the weekend declaration The anti-blockage movement was illegal and led to the arrest of demonstrators. Judges in the capital’s administrative court refused to approve 13 demonstrations, DW reported, organized by an anti-blockage group as the organizers said about 22,500 people registered to participate in the protest. ..

Video footage And photo Uploaded to Twitter The obvious opposition to the blockade Have been arrested Or was surrounded by officers on Saturday. According to DW, the march scheduled for Sunday was also banned by the court.

A German judge said protests should be banned. If not banned, it will encourage the spread of COVID-19.

Berlin Police Spokesperson Thilo Cablitz Said Reporters said the ruling targeted protests that “participants do not regularly comply with legislation, especially to protect them from infection,” including wearing masks.

Epoch Times Photo
Protesters carry signs in French that say “freedom” and “no on their Covid passport” when attending a demonstration in Paris, France, on Saturday, July 31, 2021. Protesters gathered in several French cities on Saturday to protest. COVID-19 pass. This will give vaccinated individuals easy access to the venue. (AP photo / Michel Euler)
Epoch Times Photo
Protesters put up a banner with the words “freedom” in French during a demonstration in Paris, France, on July 31, 2021. Access to the venue. (AP Photo / Adrienne Surprenant)

In Italy, thousands of vaccine controversies marched in cities such as Rome, Milan and Naples for the second straight week. The Milan demonstrators said “truth!” Shame outside the town hall! “And” Freedom! “While in Rome, they marched behind the flag labeled” Resistance. ” Those demonstrations were noisy but peaceful.

Italian authorities have come up with a unique health pass to enter bars, restaurants and other places. Critics of the bill argue that it is strict and violates basic personal freedom.

Crossing the Swiss border, more than 4,000 people have gathered in Lucerne to demonstrate against vaccine restrictions, according to local media. Report..

“I don’t think we should be told what to do,” 37-year-old nurse Hager Ameur, who resigned from her job, told The Associated Press about French medical care during the first wave of COVID-19. Workers were abused, adding that they were considerable. “And now, suddenly, I was told that it was our fault that people were contaminated without vaccination. I think I feel sick.”

French officials said a health path needs to be set because the Delta variant is more contagious. Over 24,000 new daily cases were identified on Friday night. In contrast, the first day of the month was just a few thousand cases.

Interior Minister Gerald Dharmanin I have written On Twitter, police arrested 10 protesters in Paris and nine demonstrators elsewhere in France, adding that three police officers were injured.

Outside Europe, thousands of socially distant demonstrators wearing face masks across Malaysia to protest how the government treats the virus, calling for the resignation of the prime minister. I went to the street. Critics say Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is using the blockade of the pandemic and other restrictions to strengthen his power.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.