Blumental’s “rage” under the Biden administration over failure to secure planes for evacuees

NSen. Richard Blumenthal said on Monday that he was “furious” at the White House and the State Department in a struggle to secure a plane to evacuate a group of Americans and Afghan allies from Afghanistan.

“I’m very frustrated and even angry at the government’s delay and negligence,” said Democrat Blumental, a member of the Senate Military Commission. “I expect the White House and the Department of State to do everything, absolutely everything with their power to make this happen. These have endangered everything for our country America Citizens and Afghans. They cannot be left behind. “

Senator Connecticut said he and his staff of non-governmental organizations and former military personnel to secure two planes to evacuate a group of American citizens, Afghan allies, and their families from Afghanistan to Doha, Qatar. He said he “worked day and night” with the coalition. , Where many evacuees are being processed.

Parliamentary offices receive disastrous reports from Afghan refugees and trapped citizens

“We haven’t talked publicly about these efforts yet, as we’re worried that increased attention will increase tensions and further increase the risk of targeting these people,” said Blumental.

However, the effort struck an obstacle from the Biden administration, leaving the plane waiting at Mazar-i-Sharif.

Other parliamentary offices coordinating evacuation efforts reported frustration similar to that of the State Department.

Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw’s Office Said Last week, a Washington examiner secured a charter flight to evacuate a group of American citizens, legal permanent residents, and special immigrant visa holders, after which the State Department killed 13 services for the ISIS-K bombing. A member of Kabul Airport who has withdrawn permission for charter aircraft. They also struggled to get the State Department to help coordinate flight rights from Saudi Arabia and landing in Jordan.

Criticism of President Joe Biden’s handling of Afghanistan’s withdrawal from the party has increased over the past few weeks.

Senator Bob Menendez, a Democrat in New Jersey and chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, said: Apparent swipe The Biden administration, which worked with the Taliban to secure passage through the Taliban-controlled areas after the bombing at Kabul Airport, said: safety. “

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Some Democratic-led committees Showed that they would investigate “Defective execution” of withdrawal.

“There is plenty of time to seek accountability for the unforgivable bureaucratic bureaucratic formalism that has stalled many of our Afghan allies. So far, my only focus is on these planes. Is to be safely delivered to Doha’s air force base in the air, where landing is already permitted, “Brumenthal said on Monday.

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