Boasting of oblivion about Eric Trump’s father gets a brutal fact-check

Eric Trump How hard his father tried to brag Donald TrumpI worked while I was in office, but it didn’t work because the former president was famous for his light schedule.

Eric Trump was trying to blame the president Joe Biden His administration on Tuesday’s Fox News:

Axios got the schedule at some point during Donald Trump’s administration. In 2019, it showed him 60% in “execution time” Of his working hours.

Axios said that Trump’s “Runtime” in 2018At his residence, he watches TV, makes phone calls, and tweets.“His typical day didn’t start until 11am. Shortly thereafter he had an hour of lunch.

Trump, who boasted in 2016 that he would stay in the White House and clean up my ass, and boasted that he didn’t have time for vacation or golf. 428 days of his presidency at the Trump Organization facility, According to the Washington Post.

He played golf for nearly 300 rounds during his term. Taxpayer costs of over $ 150 millionMuch of that money was put in his own pocket, as much of the golf trip took place at his resort.

Eric Trump’s comments prompted many fact-checking responses.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.