Boat capsizes in Nigeria floods kill 76: president


LAGOS — The death toll from a boating accident in southeastern Nigeria’s Anambra state has risen to 76, the president said on Sunday.

Officials on Saturday said at least 10 people were killed and 60 missing after heavy flooding hit Anambra’s Ogval district and a ship capsized on Friday.

In a statement posted on Twitter on Sunday, Nigerian President Muhammad Buhari said emergency officials had confirmed an increase in the death toll.

Authorities are working to rescue or recover missing passengers, Buhari said, adding that he had instructed relevant agencies to review safety protocols to prevent future accidents.

The head of the Anambra State Emergency Management Authority said 15 people had been rescued as of Saturday night.

Anambra is one of 29 of Nigeria’s 36 states to have experienced severe flooding this year. The water washed away homes, crops and roads, affecting at least half a million of her people.

Local resident Afam Ogene told Reuters that some residents had to travel by boat after the floods destroyed the main roads connecting the eight communities to other areas.

Of the capsized boats, he said it was a locally built one and had a capacity of carrying more than 100 people. rice field.