Body camera footage shows police beating a black man with littering

& Lt; h5 & gt; Bodycam footage shows a Grand Rapids police officer hitting a black man on his face several times. Screenshot & lt; / h5 & gt; (MLive YouTube)
Bodycam footage shows a Grand Rapids police officer hitting a black man on his face several times.Screen grab

(MLive YouTube)

A Michigan A video of a body cam revealed that police officers hit a black man on his face several times to “litter” while transportation was stopped.

The attack occurred on March 26th. Grand Rapids Police pulled 25-year-old Diabate Hood and refused to get out of the car. According to police, there were two other men in the car with Mr. Hood.

Mr Hood reportedly jumped into the passenger seat and tried to escape. The video shows three police officers holding him down and one hitting his face several times. Officers continued to shout, “Stop resisting.”

Bodycam footage arrives a few days after the jury finds a Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin Convicted of murder George Floyd.. In a statement reminiscent of Floyd’s last words, Mr Hood was also heard shouting, “I can’t breathe.”

According to WOOD-TV, Michigan lawyer Tyrone Bynum told three Grand Rapids police officers that he had racially profiled two black men in the car, including Mr. Hood and one Latin man. We are taking legal action.

He told the media: “You don’t have to listen to me, watch the video.”

A video posted on social media shows several police officers approaching a Chevrolet sedan and asking one of the passengers to leave to dump trash through the window.

Eric Pain, police chief of Grand Rapids, said traffic outages are part of its Operation Safe Neighborhood program and have timely and accurate information to justify. Mr Payne said the operation recently responded to an increase in crime in the region.

He said: “This is the police job I expect from my staff.”

This footage shows one of the passengers being taken to a police car on the scene and searched. His hands were folded back behind his back and he asked: “What the hell did we do?”

One police officer replied, “Littering.”

Mr Hood kept asking the police why he had to get out of the car when he gave him his license.

After Mr Hood tried to jump into the car, he was stopped by officers on both sides. The video then shows a policeman pinning him and one hitting his face several times.

You can hear Mr. Hood saying: What f ** k? I can not breathe. “

Meanwhile, police allege that they have found four weapons in the car they are using to file a felony against Mr. Hood. He has also been charged with resisting arrest and attempting to disarmament police officers.

Bynum, a lawyer representing the three men in the car, said in a statement: “I saw another George Floyd in the video.”

On Tuesday, police also released a body camera footage of a Columbus police officer shooting 16-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant.

Jeremy DeRoo, Secretary-General of the community development nonprofit LINCUP, Michigan live “It’s a dangerous feeling to think that there are police officers who are approaching the situation with the residents of the city, thinking that they are lucky if they survive,” he said.

In the video, I heard an officer yelling, “I’m lucky to be alive.”