Body of Hong Kong student found at Taipei Temple in Taiwan


On September 29, 2022, the body of a young female student was found in a locked toilet cubicle in the basement of Longshan Temple in Taipei. The student left a note warning people not to communicate with the spirit world. Her parents rushed to Taiwan after learning of her death.

Chong, the student’s father, said his daughter said in a phone call with her mother that she was upset and thought the spirits were harassing her.

He criticized the Taiwanese police for their sloppy investigation and refusal to conduct a preliminary autopsy. Chung said he would seek legal advice.


On September 29th, the cleaning crew failed to open the bathroom door. A security guard opened the door to find a dead woman lying on the floor. Police recovered two notes from the deceased woman’s backpack.

A note addressed to the cleaner who found her body said: We know that cleanup is difficult. ” Another note read: Do not randomly communicate with the underworld.

Police also found Ms. Chung’s identity from her knapsack. They discover that she is a 19-year-old Hong Kong student studying at Longhua University of Science and Technology in Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

According to multiple media reports, the students arrived at the temple at 11am and headed to the toilets in the basement of the temple. Taiwan police followed in her footsteps with CCTV security footage of her. No one followed the woman into the basement, and there were no signs of fighting or violence. Police therefore ruled out homicide as the cause of death. As of October 3, 2022, authorities are still investigating the cause of death.

parents dissatisfied with police

Chung’s parents rushed to Taiwan with the support of the Taiwanese government. The couple were escorted from a quarantine hotel to arrange the funeral and burial of their late daughter.

Chong, the father of the deceased student, told the media that the police had done a sloppy job. “Not only did they refuse to perform a preliminary autopsy, they trusted their experience and asked us to sign the case closed.”

Mr Chong did not comply. He believed there were suspicions, including that CCTV cameras may have covered other areas his daughter passed through.

Chong said he will not rest until he finds the answers he seeks. He also sought legal advice and went to the temple himself to investigate.


Responding to Mr. Chung’s criticism, police said they had never refused an autopsy and believed there had been a misunderstanding between the two parties.

Wanhua District Deputy Director Huang explained that when they received the call about the discovery of the body, the police team immediately went to the scene to investigate, access available CCTV footage, and collect evidence. Later that day, the local public prosecutor and the district attorney’s office forensic examiner conducted an autopsy.

“If I remember correctly, the family arrived in Taiwan on the night of September 30, 2022. However, they had to be quarantined in a hotel. October 3, 2022 morning, the local prosecutor took the parents to the coroner’s office for a second autopsy, so they had never refused an autopsy, and had actually performed two autopsies. So there may have been a misunderstanding somewhere.”

before her death

Ms Chung said her daughter did not do well in secondary school in Hong Kong. So, in September 2020, she continued her studies at Longhua University of Science and Technology in Taiwan. She was in school and she was in third grade.

Pandemic restrictions prevented Chung’s parents from visiting their daughter for a long time. She remembers how relieved they were when she told them how much she loved her university in Taiwan.

In addition to being quiet, Chong was said to be polite and intelligent. She received a scholarship from school and enjoyed painting and handicrafts. When she first came to Taiwan, she ran an online shop to earn extra income while she was absent from school.

signs of depression

In the summer of 2022, Chung returned to Hong Kong for vacation. Her father said he looked fine at the time. But after she returned to her school in September, she told her sad story on the phone with her mother.

Chung also said to his mother: I think she’s a spirit. I’m miserable “

The parents planned to take their daughter to Japan for a break on October 4, 2022.

Zheng told the newspaper that her daughter lives in a four-bedroom dormitory at the university.

His daughter had never been bullied at school or embroiled in money fights, but he suspected that his quiet personality might make it difficult for him to find new friends and communicate with people. he was worried

“When no one is around, she goes deep down the rabbit hole.”


While netizens have speculated whether the discovery of the remains was “ghost-related,” Chinese newspaper Info Times consulted Taiwanese folk culture researcher and numerologist Master Shei.

Shea first explained that traditional folk culture believes that when a person contacts or summons the dead, they can unite the living with the dead on a spiritual level. Their vision or hearing may therefore be synchronous.

But Shay said he may have participated in something that communicated with spirits, such as an Ouija board, before he died. After that she got scared. He analyzed the notes in Mr. Chung’s backpack. A folk culture expert said, “Scientifically, the two notes were a sign that Ms. Chung had suffered severe pain and fear before her death. She probably didn’t know what to ask for, and her fear might be the cause of her hallucinations.”

official answer

The Taiwan Mainland Affairs Commission (MAC) has instructed the Hong Kong Affairs Office to provide full support to Mr. and Mrs. Chung. The office said it would do its best to provide the families with what they needed while they were in Taiwan.

Taiwan MAC said they issued the parents an entry visa to Taiwan as soon as the news broke.

Upon Chung’s arrival, the council sent condolences and prayers to his parents through the university.

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