Bodybuilders filmed dragging officers while parliamentary riots were arrested


  • A prominent suspect who was photographed dragging a police officer down the stairs during an attack on the Capitol was arrested.
  • Detectives on the online internet have been investigating Logan Barnhart, who they nicknamed “Cat Sweat” for months.
  • Prosecutors claim that Barnhart was part of several attacks on police officers outside the tunnel.

More than seven months after a crowd of Trump mobs attacked the Capitol building, authorities identified a prominent suspect who was photographed dragging police officers down the stairs during a siege. And arrested.

Logan Barnhart, a 40-year-old Michigan bodybuilder, faces several crimes: Assault federal officials with dangerous weapons, by FBI..

HuffPostThe first report of Barnhart’s arrest stated that Barnhart became a “white whale” of online internet detectives searching for information about unidentified rebels in the aftermath of the attack. The “Incitement Hunter” community nicknamed Barnhart “Cat Sweatshirts” because he allegedly wore a Caterpillar brand sweatshirt to the Capitol on January 6th.

The FBI called the suspect, who was being asked to attack the police, the Capitol Suspect 128-AFO. According to the HuffPost, Outlet identified Barnhart a few months ago thanks to his work as a “citizen detective,” but refrained from publishing his name because of his violent history.

During April Incitement hunter discovers video A photo of Barnhart at the tramplery prior to the Capitol attack showing him without sunglasses gave the detective the opportunity to search for facial recognition materials published on the Internet. According to the HuffPost, the search found multiple images of Barnhart, including Barnhart’s photos on the bodybuilding website and photo portfolio.

Sedition Hunter even found a photo of a shirtless Barnhart posing on the cover of multiple romance novels with names like “Stepbrother UnSEALed: A Bad Boy Military Romance.”

But it was Barnhart’s Instagram that ultimately led to his arrest. According to the HuffPost, Barnhart posted his photo in July 2019 and wore the same American flag that was taken at the Capitol on January 6. good.

Prosecutors allege that Barnhart was part of several attacks on police officers outside the tunnel west of the Capitol.Tuesday’s Barnhart added to 22 counts indictment These are the names of seven people accused of being involved in an attack on DC Metropolitan officers.

Barnhart did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

Ronald Colton Maccabee, 27, from Unionville, Tennessee, was also arrested on Tuesday in connection with the assault and charged with personal injury. According to the Justice Department, both men appeared in the first court in their home states on Tuesday morning.

In addition to Barnhart and Maccabee, who have already been arrested, Jeffrey Sabol, Peter Francis Stager, Michael John Lopatic Sr., Clayton Ray Marines, and Jack Wade Whitton have also been named in the indictment. There is.

Prosecutors say Whitton and Sabol dragged the police officer down the stairs into the crowd, where the stager beat him with an American flag stick.