Boeing and NASA delayed the launch of Starliner again due to unexpected valve problems



Joe Skipper / reuters

The preparations for Boeing’s Starliner launch did not seem to go smoothly. After the launch was delayed four days ago due to problems with the International Space Station, today it was postponed again because engineers discovered that a valve in the propulsion system was in an “unexpected position”. . However, it is not clear from Boeing’s explanation that it is the Starliner’s own valve or the problem with the Atlas V rocket carried underneath. Boeing and NASA will further explain the situation at a later date, and perhaps only then will know how long the launch will be delayed. If the problem is not too big, there will be the next launch window as soon as tomorrow.

SpaceX Superheavy Booster


On the other side, SpaceX’s Starship production is still running at full speed. Although it is said (unsurprisingly) that it missed the original “launch before the end of July” target, it still took only 12 hours yesterday to install it. All 29 engines and four grille wings above the Superheavy lower-level rocket numbered “B4”. This makes the B4 the most powerful rocket in history, surpassing the Saturn V rocket (Saturn V) of the Apollo program or the N1 rocket of the former Soviet Union. The advanced rocket numbered “S20” is in the final stage of assembly. It only has to fill up the heat insulation bricks, install the engine, and connect the nose cone to the body. According to this progress, the first “full version” of the Starship Superheavy There is a chance that the assembly can be completed in the next two or three days as soon as possible. However, before the actual launch, both the Starship upper-level rocket or the Superheavy lower-level rocket must go through a lot of tests. At the same time, the launch itself must be approved by the relevant unit, and it should be at least a few more weeks.