Boise will get an “autumn taste” as the cold front plunges temperatures this week

According to the National Weather Service’s Boise office, after another hot weekend, Boise will see a cool “autumn taste” for several days.

In a telephone interview, NWS meteorologist Les Colin said temperatures would begin to drop slightly on Monday evening as the cold front reaches the Treasure Valley. A second cold front will occur following Tuesday, and temperatures will be even colder.

According to Colin, the highest temperature on Tuesday is expected to be 77 degrees Celsius, a departure from the average temperature of 90 degrees Celsius in mid-August and a relief from the heat of around three digits on weekends.

“It hasn’t been that cool and hot since June 10th,” Colin said.

The cool stretch lasts for a few days and by the next weekend the temperature will start to rise again. According to Colin, the temperature at that time should stay at around 90 degrees Celsius.

“This is the first of a really cool (falling) air mass,” Colin said. “But that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the summer heat.”

The cold front is also expected to withdraw Wildfire smoke settled in the Treasure Valley This weekend. According to officials from the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality, the pollution was due to fires around the area, including Northern Idaho, Oregon, California, and British Columbia. On Sunday, air quality reached Boise’s “unhealthy” category.

Colin said 80% of the smoke could be gone by Tuesday, and the arrival of the cold front that day would further improve Boise’s air quality.