Boko Haram insurgents running near Lake Chad

Nigerian troops claim to have defeated the Zihadist rebels in the Lake Chad region after a three-week operation in December that defeated 22 terrorists.

During Operation Sharan Fag, which means “sweep” in Hausa, the 10,000 Joint Multinational Forces (MNJTF) rebels from both the Boko Haram Group and its strong rival, the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP). Was disbanded. Both groups claim loyalty to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). The joint task force for this operation included the Nigerian Army and the Nigerian Armed Forces.

“Tactically, with the ISWAP cell Former Boko Haram JAS Group Bakoura faction It operates mainly along the border between Niger and Nigeria. “

Since the suicide of Boko Haram’s top leader on May 24, ISWAP forces have pressured the remnants of Boko Haram to partner with them. Hundreds of people surrendered to Nigerian troops and the score was transferred to the northwestern province of Nigeria.

“Current Fierce competition and internal conflict According to Otto, MNJTF-led joint operations in the air and on land between these factions on the territory could further destabilize the operational capabilities of the Zihadists. ” “The operation is done at the right time,” he added.

A joint spokesman told the Epoch Times that the operation seems to indicate a turning point in the 11-year war with Boko Haram.

The three-week operation, which ended on December 21, 2021, claimed both casualties.

“In the process of this operation, 22 Boko Haram terrorists were incapacitated, 5 gun trucks were destroyed, 5 motorcycles and some logistics bunker were destroyed, and 8 AK47 rifles were recovered. “It was done,” he told the Epoch Times from the headquarters of the unit in N’Djamena, Captain Muhammad Doll, MNJTF’s military public relations director.

“Unfortunately, six members of the JTF in both countries (two police officers and four other classes) made the highest sacrifices during their mission, injuring about 16 people,” he told The Epoch Times. rice field. Seventeen Boko Haram sus

Epoch Times Photo
A photo provided by the Multinational Joint Task Force in the Lake Chad region shows 17 detained Boko Haram terrorists. (MNJTF)

Pect has been arrested and reported.

The multinational forces said they received “massive support” from aviation assets and surveillance equipment, and were able to successfully remove enemy hideouts in and around the corridor connecting Nigeria and Niger on the shores of the lake.

“The army encountered strong resistance from terrorists who launched several assault gun attacks, placed improvised explosive devices (IEDs) along the army’s forward path, and attacked further with vehicle bomb improvised explosive devices (VBIED). “I did,” Colonel Doll told the Epoch Times. ..

“But the army provided excellent firepower to withstand the rebels and forced them to abandon their excursions,” he said.

The area around the vast Lake Chad, adjacent to Nigeria, Niger, Cameroon and Chad, Boko Haram A 10-year base of jihadists linked to the Islamic state.

The Multinational Joint Task Force The states of the Lake Chad basin (Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Nigeria) and Benin are working to pool resources against jihadists who threaten all four countries. The MNJTF is under the political leadership of the Lake Chad Basin Commission and is mandated by the African Union Peace and Security Council.Joint power was carried out Regular operationOften involves troops from one country fighting in the neighboring country.

According to a joint military press release, the latest operation provided sufficient security for the Republic of Niger to celebrate its founding 63 years ago on December 18.

Maj. Gen. Abdul Khalifa Ibrahim of Forskomander visited the MNJTF headquarters in Diffa, Niger on December 29 and praised the “unusual exhibition of Gallantry’s professionalism and courage” by the troops who fought the criminal hideout. .. ..

Epoch Times Photo
In a photo provided by the Multinational Joint Task Force in the Lake Chad region, Maj. Gen. Abdul Harifa Ibrahim pays homage to the six MNJTF soldiers who died in December in what he described as a free martyr. expressed. 29th, 2021. (MNJTF)

“He promised to mobilize more equipment and other operational enablers into the sector,” Colonel Dole told The Epoch Times.

“He said he still needed to do a lot, but this was a good starting point. He vowed to eradicate criminals from the lake hideout, so 2022 was decided by the MNJTF. Declared as the year of. “

Lake Chad’s landing along the Nigerian-Niger border is at the heart of Boko Haram / ISWAP’s operational base, along which drives Zihadists. Porous boundaries and boundaries According to Otto, it’s the key to eliminating the rebellion.

“Boko Haram’s operation is unfortunately likened to acute cancer, a highly adaptable jihadist group. They have spread their tentacles to online, cities and bushes,” Otto said. ..

“They are everywhere, but they don’t show up anywhere,” he told the Epoch Times.

He is Boko Haram and the Islamic State of West Africa (ISWAP) Now it’s out of balance and it’s just a shadow compared to the previous year.

Boko Haram Muslims The sectarian movement was founded in 2002 Northeastern Nigeria. The group has been implementing since 2009 Massive violence..Studies show that Boko Haram Killed more unarmed civilians than Islamic State Combined Iraq and Syria.

Otto told the Epoch Times that the MNJTF would need to embark on a structured combination of true partnerships and timely information sharing to completely eradicate the jihadists in the Lake Chad region.

“Shooting terrorists without killing hunger and ignorance involving men and women is not going to end the rebellion immediately,” Otto said.

Narova Aqua


Nalova Akua is a multimedia freelance journalist in Cameroon.