Bold Taliban promises little religious, women’s rights



Many would have seen the horrifying image of the unstoppable advance of Taliban fighters in Afghanistan. This advance was accompanied by brutal crackdowns, executions of suspected people working with the government or its American allies, and contempt for women and girls.

Specifically, the scenes witnessed at Kabul Airport last Sunday and Monday were apocalyptic, with people clinging to the plane and falling from the sky.

The whole country went out of control in the 11th due to the Taliban.

When they arrived in Kabul, they found an essentially defenseless city. Taliban fighters have moved to an empty presidential palace — President Ashraf Ghani has gone into exile. It was as if the city key had been handed over to this terrorist group. This terrorist group will soon declare the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

US President Joe Biden admitted that the incident happened much earlier than his administration expected. But instead of accepting responsibility for the massacre and collapse of Afghanistan, he accused the country’s political and military leaders of giving up and fleeing.

By denying its role in the collapse of Afghanistan, the reaction of the US President reveals the simplicity of his administration. It is also a sign of fatigue threatening the democratic heritage of the West.

But a bigger problem is looming over democratic allies, an imminent human rights crisis that can occur under the Taliban’s control.

The Taliban’s authority has already been recognized by certain authoritarian states.

When it last came to power in 1996, the group was recognized by three countries: Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

This time, Russia, Pakistan, China and Iran left Kabul’s embassies open, while countries such as Australia and the United States closed.

Moscow has already acknowledged the Taliban’s authority, Encourage other countries Establishing “good relationships” with new Afghan leaders and “preventing irresponsible policies of imposing alien values ​​from the outside”.

Beijing also expressed its desire to be fully diplomatically involved with the Taliban leadership. “Healthy relationship” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan is an Afghan “Break the binding of slavery.”

Even the European Union has decided to approve the Taliban, at least in part.

“The Taliban have won the war, so we have to talk to them,” said Josep Borrell, the highest diplomat of the European Union. Said at a press conference.. “It’s not a matter of official approval, it’s a matter of dealing with the Taliban,” he said.

So what are some of the direct consequences of this bold Taliban? The first ruling Taliban administration from 1996 to 2001 could give us some signs.

First, the Taliban’s ideology is likely to activate terrorists around the world. Fighters even announced on television that their mission would only be completed when the entire world was exposed to their brand of Islamic terrorism. Therefore, there is greater uncertainty in Western countries and more destructive terrorist activity is possible.

Second, the particular consequence of the collapse of the Afghan government is the resumption of abominable discrimination and oppression of women and girls.

Greg Sheridan, Foreign Editor, in an article published on August 16th Australian person I have written:

From now on, once again, young girls in their teens will marry a much older man and often have multiple wives.

Young girls cannot go to school, learn to read and write, sing, practice most careers, or go. Bazaars without the permission of their male relatives, and generally exist.

Third, the return of Taliban rule to Afghanistan means a return to Shari’a law, an interpretation of a group of Islamic religious law.

To find out what that means, Christians in Afghanistan on the ground are taking over Kabul and they are Expect to be killed.. Several reports confirm that the Taliban have already “targeted killings of Christians and other minorities found in Bible software installed on their mobile phones.”

Since the fall of the Taliban in 2001, the Christian community has grown considerably, in part due to the slight security provided by the American occupation.

In 2019, many Afghan Christians Voluntarily included their religious affiliation National ID card. With the withdrawal of the United States, Afghans are now facing an imminent threat. Public execution, whiplash, amputation Under the Taliban.

Christians reportedly Escape to the hill Trying to find safety. Meanwhile, democratic governments, including Australia, expect limited authority to protect Afghan women and religious minorities.

There will now be criticism and relentless criticism of how the war took place.

Some have slandered the alliance as it approached the Afghan project as a gentleman’s sporting event and was unwilling to get the job done.

Of course, defeat had little to do with the technical or military capabilities of the United States and its allies, but more with the collapse of values ​​and the Western determination to achieve measurable results. bottom.

When democratic leaders inevitably turn a blind eye to the genocide of this terrorist group, the blood of innocent people climbs for justice.

The views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Epoch Times.

Gabriel Moens

Gabriël A. Professor MoensAM is an emeritus professor at the University of Queensland and was a vice president, dean, and professor of law at Murdoch University. He published the novel “A Swiss Choice” on the origin of COVID-19 disease and recently published the short story “The Greedy Prospector” in the anthology of the short story “The Outback” (Boolarong Press, 2021).

August Zimmermann

Dr. August Zimmermann is a professor and dean of law at the Sheridan Institute for Higher Education in Perth. He is also Chairman of the Western Australian Law Theory Association, Editor-in-Chief of the Western Australian Law Journal, and a former member of the Western Australian Law Amendment Committee.