Bomb proceedings have “GMA” co-sponsors in each other’s throat, sources say


Photo Illustration by Kristen Hazzard & Sarah Rogers / The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

Photo Illustration by Kristen Hazzard & Sarah Rogers / The Daily Beast / Photos Getty

NS Bomb proceedings To the former top producer of Good morning, America Co-organizers George Stephanopoulos and Robin Roberts learn about the situation when they plunge into each other’s throat and ignite a big fire behind the scenes about handling allegations of sexually assaulting multiple women on the network. Four people told The Daily Beast.

As a result of the proceedings, ABC News was involved and staff were furious at dealing with the company’s problems. Therefore, the recently established news president Kim Godwin said Entered a job that promises to clean up the cultureShe is now in her fourth month, according to sources, and is already tackling the crucial task of quelling internal objections to the situation.

Producer Kirstin Crawford, who worked closely with Stefano Pros at a prestigious morning show last week, said: Proceedings To Michael Kohn, a former senior executive producer of GMAClaims that he sexually assaulted her and cultivated a toxic work environment.Corn violently denied Claim, And ABC disputed the allegations and vowed to fight them in court.

GMA According to people attending the meeting, the staff discussed the proceedings over the team-wide phone, while apparently emotional Roberts said, “If this happened to someone on my team, I would have burned the place.” Declared.

Staff who heard the statement said the proceedings were subtly directed to Stefanopros, who had been informed of Crawford’s alleged sexual assault almost four years ago and continued to work with Korn. An ABC News employee who spoke with The Daily Beast asked to do so anonymously for fear of retaliation.

According to familiar people, the comments soon returned to “lively” Stefanopros. NS GMA With co-host this week The moderator recently quarantined himself and stopped broadcasting after his daughter was diagnosed with COVID-19. His representative, Alan Berger of the Creative Artists Agency, did not respond to requests for comment.

However, ABC News staff were notorious for being an aide to the Clinton White House, and Stephanopoulos, now one of ABC News’ most powerful figures, sounded a warning and intervened after being informed of the allegations. I’m wondering if it was enough to do. Against corn.

Insiders pointed out as an example of the power and influence Stephanopoulos exercises within ABC News. The situation earlier this year inside that He threatened a flaw To a rival network over tension with a colleague and bitter rival David Muir. The network was keen to please the famous anchor, so Disney executive chairman Bob Iger and general entertainment content chairman Peter Rice flew around the country to offer him a favorable contract extension. It is said that it was.

Meanwhile, Roberts continues to be “furious” about ABC’s allegations and co-hosting behavior (or lack thereof), informing his boss of her feelings, according to a colleague who recently spoke with her. Her agent, Endeavor’s John Rosen, did not respond to requests for comment.

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“Robin and George are fine,” ABC News spokesman Kara Fisher said in a statement to The Daily Beast, answering other questions, including whether other women have raised claims about corn. I refused to do that. “She personally said she didn’t mention him, and the next day she called the team and reiterated that her comments weren’t about a particular individual.”

However, the post-litigation ABC News environment is “chaotic,” staff said, and a series of hasty organizations with news executives who only raised more questions about who knows what and when about the allegations against corn. Pointed out the phone call. ..Other staff Oppose the network statement Regarding a lawsuit that failed to express support for a woman who accused Korn of illegal acts.

“If so many people aren’t working remotely yet, we recommend walking out or declaring a mental health holiday to management. Disney management, who and when We promise to publish a complete account of who we know. Follow up and follow up on who didn’t, what was done, what should have been done. ” Good morning, America Veteran news staff and executive producer Shelley Ross told The Daily Beast.

The allegations against corn were first filed in November 2017, the same month as NBC. Dismissal Matt Lauer and CBS Forced eviction Charlie Rose alleged sexual misconduct during the heyday of the MeToo movement sweep across multiple industries, from Hollywood to the New York media.

During this period, the proceedings allegedly told her that Stefano Pros had spoken to Crawford at his office and heard that he had been attacked by Corn in Los Angeles during his trip to the Academy Awards.

“He grabbed Crawford’s head and pulled it into his chest, kept telling her to’just relax’and asking,’Why are you so nervous?'” Said Korn and Crawford. He detailed the case of traveling with him behind Uber. To their hotel. “Then Korn kissed Crawford’s head and began rubbing his legs. He accused Crawford of being” anxious “and asked her if she had a” daddy’s problem. “

Knowing that his producer had been sexually assaulted, the proceedings alleged that Stefanopros had disclosed the matter to Heather Riley, then senior director of public relations. GMA, Derek Medina, then Senior Vice President of Business, and Tanya Menthone, Vice President of Litigation. Crawford then discussed sexual assault with Riley, but the proceedings said the formal complaint was not dealt with for fear of retaliation from Korn.

The proceedings were also filed by Jill McLean, who worked for Diane Sawyer. World newsHe was sexually assaulted where Korn was former executive producer. ABC has also been nominated as a defendant in the proceedings, and Crawford claims that the network has ignored some complaints from women about Korn’s actions for years and took no action.

This week’s staff expressed disappointment with ABC News’ management’s lack of claims processing and corn impact, saying, “According to ABC policy, every time an allegation of illegal activity is notified, it is meaningful and thorough. We have to take some kind of action. ” Research. However, neither Menton nor ABC’s litigation or human resources department conducted such an investigation. “

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Corn kept running GMA Until both Crawford and McLean report the incident to management earlier this year. He quickly left the network and is now President of News at NewsNation, a cable news startup at Nexstar Media Group. Later, both Riley and Medina were promoted by ABC. (On Sunday, ABC was announced by current producer Simone Swink. GMAAt 8am, he will replace Korn as the executive producer of the breakfast show. The promotion was released after The Daily Beast contacted ABC and Disney to confirm that Swink was selected as the top. )

Once one of the most powerful figures on television news, Korn said, “Murder storyI previously expressed Lauer And original 60 minutes boss Jeff Fager About allegations of sexual harassment. The company issued a statement on behalf of Korn. “I will pursue all available legal remedies for these women and actively protect myself.”

Last week’s event was Godwin’s first big test. Appointed responsible for ABC News in April.. According to people familiar with the situation, she called for an “independent investigation” of the matter, offending Disney executives, including Rice, and revealed that she did not want a new investigation, especially during the proceedings. ..

ABC has long been successful in avoiding large-scale MeToo calculations involving NBC, CBS, and Fox News. But overall, sources say the effects of the proceedings indicate a protracted cultural issue within ABC News that staff believe the parent company Disney ignored.

“The problem was bigger, there must have been clear action and intervention,” said Ross. GMA The executive producer who coached Korn told The Daily Beast.

“All enablers need to be taken into account.”

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