Boost your computer performance!Corsair Vengeance memory 30% off sale


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The computer parts sale on Amazon is here again! This time it is RAM that determines the operating speed of the system and software. Players and creators who pursue performance can take this opportunity to start and improve the efficiency and experience of work or games.

Although theoretically the higher the clock frequency (MHz), the faster the speed can be provided, but you still need to check whether your motherboard supports the following products before buying. You should also try to use the same clock frequency memory to achieve the best performance .

Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2X16GB) RAM


The main thing I want to introduce to you this time is this Corsair Vengeance LPX 32GB (2X16GB) memory, which adopts the most common DDR4 specification on the market and has 3,200MHz and 3,600MHz clock frequencies. The 3,200MHz version is currently sold on Amazon from US$191.99 to US$134.99, a 30% price reduction, while the 3,600 MHz version has a smaller reduction, from US$172 to US$149.99.

Click here to buy LPX 2x16GB (3,200MHz) – US$134.99

Click here to buy LPX 2x16GB (3,600MHz) – US$149.99

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16GB (2 X 8GB) RAM


If you just want to slightly improve the computer performance, you don’t have to add 32GB of RAM directly, you can buy 2×8 16GB RAM, they also have discounts ranging from 16% to 24%, and there are more clock frequencies available, including 3,000MHz, 3,200MHz, 3,600MHz and 4,000MHz.

Click here to buy LPX 2x8GB (3,000MHz) – US$77.99

Click here to buy LPX 2x8GB (3,200MHz) – US$77.99

Click here to buy LPX 2x8GB (3,600MHz) – US$77.99

Click here to buy LPX 2x8GB (4,000MHz) – US$142.99

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO SL

If you like to add different lights and colors to the host, CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO SL can improve computer performance while emitting RGB lights in your host. You can also use the Corsair iCUE application to control colors or interact with other Corsair RGB products are synchronized. In this sale, the 3,200MHz, 2x8GB CORSAIR Vengeance RGB PRO SL also has a nearly 20% discount.

Click here to buy RGB Pro SL 2x8GB – US$92.99

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