Boris Johnson may face another distrust resolution, 1922 Commission Accounting Tips

Prime Minister Boris Johnson could face another distrust resolution as Tory’s backbencher’s powerful committee treasurer hinted at a rule change in the wake of the defeat of the double-elections. ..

Sir Geoffrey Clifton Brown said on Friday that Johnson had to convince Conservative lawmakers not to replace him.

After many failures, including processing payments for the renovation of 10 Downing Street and the suspension of Owen Paterson, who culminated in a party gate saga, Johnson barely survived a vote of no confidence earlier this month and the Conservative Party of Parliament. 41% of the members rebelled against him. ..

Johnson’s survival meant he couldn’t invoke another distrust resolution within a year, but after the Conservatives lost two seats last night, Wakefield’s Labor Party and the Tiberton and Honiton Liberal Democratic Party. , Clifton Brown suggested that the rules may change.

A Conservative lawmaker who voted against Johnson in the last distrust resolution said, “It’s” difficult “to keep your seat in the Cotswolds if there is a by-election in the BBC Radio 4’Today’program. He said he believed.

Make parliamentarians make “difficult decisions”

Clifton Brown was asked about his thoughts on how the rule of not having two confidence votes within a year is in place, saying: rule.

The prime minister clearly said he would show ministers and lawmakers how to solve the “problems facing this country.”

“The parliamentary party must decide whether it is a satisfying explanation or whether it should actually take steps to welcome the new prime minister,” said Clifton Brown. It will turn out. “

He also said he would consider what he heard at tonight’s conservative annual meeting and discuss the issue with his colleagues.

“You will definitely have to make a difficult decision to hear what the Prime Minister says,” he said.

Conservative Party member in 2019 Attempted to remove Theresa May from Prime Minister In Brexit, six months after May, he survived a distrust resolution using another ambiguous rule of the Conservative Constitution ()pdf), This allows the chairs of 65 regional political parties to convene an extraordinary general meeting of the National Convention.

The only agenda for the upcoming meeting was to ask for consideration of resignation in May. The results would have been non-binding, but in May he resigned three weeks before the voting meeting was to take place.

Conservative Co-Chair Oliver Dowden resigned following a recent by-election defeat, and he and Tory supporters said he was “suffering from recent events and disappointed,” Johnson said. Must be responsible, “said Johnson,” don’t stop. “

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