Boris Johnson promises to contribute to NATO deployment as Russian military affiliates are already “in Ukraine”

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said Tuesday that he was ready to support NATO’s deployment and send troops to protect the eastern side of the alliance if Russia invaded Ukraine.

The promise comes when Defense Minister Ben Wallace tells the MP that there are already individuals in Ukraine who are “connected to the Russian state in a non-traditional way” and “should be a source of concern.” Was done.

But Johnson resisted the more nasty proposal to send NATO troops to non-NATO member Ukraine, and maintaining economic sanctions remains a “true deterrent” to potential Russian aggression. be.

The Prime Minister issued a statement in parliament on Tuesday telling the MP that more than 100,000 Russian troops have been “placed” on the eastern border of Ukraine.

Denmark has sent frigate to the Baltic Sea, four fighters to Lithuania, France is ready to deploy troops in Romania, and the United States is preparing. Increase the number of NATO combat units in Europe to 8,500.

“We aim to contribute to the development of the new NATO to protect our European allies,” Johnson told MP.

Leaders of the United States, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, NATO, and the European Union have agreed to accelerate a broader sanctions package to thwart escalations from Kremlin, according to Johnson, who hosted the virtual conference on Monday. did.

“We have agreed to respond to Russia’s attacks on Ukraine in unison, by imposing heavier, more coordinated and stricter sanctions on Russia than ever before.” He said.

“And we agreed on the need to complete these measures as quickly as possible in order to maximize the deterrent effect.”

Johnson also said Britain “doesn’t hesitate” to tighten its own sanctions on Russia “according to the president.” [Vladimir] Putin may do so, “he added, adding that Congress can expect up-to-date information from Foreign Minister Liz Truss in the coming days.

Encourage the government to contact the United States, “mobilize a significant NATO presence in Ukraine,” and “use the powerful and powerful power of the alliance to invade Putin into another European democracy. In response to Defense Commission Chair Tobias Elwood, who said, “Ukraine is not currently a NATO member, so I don’t think it’s” promising in the short term. ” rice field.

By training the Ukrainian army and sowing defense weapons, Johnson said, “What we can do and what we do is send troops to support Ukraine,” said Ukraine. The steps to strengthen resistance were called “essential”.

“But for now, I think the real deterrent is the package of sanctions,” he said. “It’s a bite, it’s a pain to Putin, and what I want is to discourage him.”

Shortly after Johnson’s statement, Wallace told Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee:

“Invasion of Ukraine, large or small, is considered an invasion,” Wallace told the Commission, “pregnancy cannot be halved. Is it invading the country?” Isn’t it? “

Lily Chow


Lily Zhou is a freelance writer who mainly covers the British news of The Epoch Times.