Boris Johnson “Stabbed Back”: Tory Voter in Uxbridge


UXBRIDGE-A snapshot of voters in the heart of Uxbridge and South Ruislip, members of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s parliament, had mixed views on his resignation. By his colleague of the Conservative Party. “

81-year-old David Williams, who voted for Johnson in the December 2019 election, told The Epoch Times: … There are a lot of snakes, especially (Michael) Gove. “

Williams said: I can’t imagine him running worse as prime minister. “

“I like him. He’s a bit of a blunder and not a particularly good speaker. But his heart is in the right place and he’s doing his best. It’s unusual for a politician,” Williams said. Said.

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David Williams, photographed outside the Costa Coffee Shop in Uxbridge on July 7, 2022. (Chris Summers / The Epoch Times)

But Labor Party member Richard Corey had a very different opinion. I have never voted for him or his party. It took a very long time to get rid of him. They thought they had to admire his fingers from the kitchen table. “

“I want to end this period of government due to the crisis.”

Corey, who works at the Central Library in Uxbridge, told The Epoch Times: Since the 2016 Brexit referendum, there have been a series of crises that have not addressed too many serious issues. “

“I never voted for Brexit, it was democracy. But the way it was done was crazy. First, they negotiated the Northern Ireland Protocol and then abandoned it. . “

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Ferenc Kiss stands in the heart of Uxbridge, London, July 7, 2022. (ChrisSummers / The Epoch Times)

Originally from Hungary, Ferenc Kiss, who became a British citizen earlier this year, said: It’s time for him to leave. I think he was good at first and he completed Brexit. But he should have left after the party gate. “

Software developer Kiss didn’t know who to vote for tomorrow’s general election. “Originally I was conservative, but then everything happened. But I’m not happy with the workers’ plans. I don’t know what to do.”

Karen Hyatt said he voted for the Conservatives in 2019, primarily to keep Jeremy Corbyn out, and her husband Alby voted for the Liberal Democratic Party, but Johnson agreed that he should have resigned earlier. did.

“I’m glad he left.”

But her husband said. Her trust did not remain. I think it’s a shame. He experienced the worst times in COVID and Ukraine … but people thought he was a young man with new ideas, and he was different. “

Alby Hyatt said Britain faced so much financial difficulty that it felt it should consider “all gathering” a grand coalition with the Conservatives, Labor and Liberal Democrats.

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Scott Balcony stands outside the Uxbridge T-shirt shop on July 7, 2022. (Chris Summers / The Epoch Times)

Scott Balcony, who runs a T-shirt shop in Uxbridge, said: He was a complete nightmare as prime minister and as a person. And he hasn’t been away for a while. “

The balcony, unlike its predecessor, Sir John Randall, has certainly benefited from a lot of publicity in the towns that have been part of Hillingdon’s London borough since Johnson took office in 2015. He said he wasn’t a great MP.

For the future, he said he thought the country might go “from the frying pan into the fire” and “you can see the unknown go through. All the big names are too polluted and the luggage Too many. It looks like Cameron. Maybe it’s like a discreet Penny Mordaunt. “

Silvia Hooper said: He should have gone earlier. MP should have driven him away when he had a chance [in last month’s vote of confidence].. Now it seems we have to put up with him as prime minister until September. “

She said the lack of a constitution for the past few days meant that there was no clear way to deal with the prime minister that Britain didn’t want to go to.

“But as they say in the Chinese curse, we are certainly living in an interesting time,” she said as she walked away.

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