Boris Johnson vows to send illegal immigrants to Rwanda despite legal objections

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended his plan to relocate illegal immigrants to Rwanda on Wednesday, saying it was “humane, compassionate and wise.”

The prime minister said he knew that “liberal lawyers” would try to “make this difficult” before promising to “achieve this.”

Under the new £ 120 million agreement with East African countries, some of the people who illegally invaded Britain “migrated to Rwanda” when she announced the agreement on April 14. They are supposed to resettle and rebuild their lives. “

Andrew Griffiths, head of policy at Johnson, previously said the plan was expected to run “weeks or months,” but Tuesday’s Downing Street has some legal challenges. I confirmed that it was there.

Johnson spoke at Southampton Wednesday, saying the deal with Rwanda was a “big deal.”

“Of course, there will be legitimate eagles, liberal lawyers who try to make this difficult to solve. The Prime Minister has always known that this will happen, but it is very wise,” he said. He added that “a solution is needed” to the continued flow of people smuggled into Britain by small boats across the strait. From France.

“You need something to say to those people, those gangsters” Sorry, you can’t tell your customers, you say they’ll just come to these poor people Can’t Britain, and they will be lost in the system. Because I’m going to find a way to make sure they’re going to Rwanda soon, “Johnson told reporters.

“I think it’s humane, compassionate, and wise. I’m not going to pretend you have no legal objections. I think I said it when I announced it, but I’ll do it.”

This year, more than 7,000 people have illegally entered the English Channel by boat.

On April 28, the UK nationality and border bill was enacted, and deliberate tort of the UK was a criminal offense and was sentenced to up to four years in prison.

Smugglers who encourage illegal entry can face life imprisonment, and those who arrive illegally in the UK who may have claimed asylum in another safe country are “unacceptable” to the UK asylum system. Can be regarded as.

The new law also includes the authority to handle asylum seekers abroad.

However, in reports of strong winds and rough seas, after an 11-day break, more than 500 people arrived in Kent on 16 boats on Sunday and Monday.

Asked if he was disappointed that the deal with Rwanda did not seem to prevent illegal immigrants, Johnson told reporters on Tuesday, “I will determine what the situation will be in the long run. Is premature. ” “

When asked when it was possible to determine whether the plan was successful or not, a spokesman said: It has become a hot topic. “

A spokesman confirmed that the government “received pre-procedural contact from many law firms,” ​​and “but we hope that the first flight will take place within a few months.” Added.

A spokesman also said the plan was “a completely legally safe approach, tested and pondered.”

Asked if the government was waiting for legal issues to be dealt with before launching the flight, he said, but “the exact time for some of those issues. It’s difficult to put in. “

A spokesman said he intended to “go ahead of this as soon as possible,” but “unexpectedly, we are witnessing some of these legal challenges and are free and democratic. In a democratic society, we need to tackle them in the usual way. “

“But we are still planning to fly at the earliest opportunity,” he said.

I. Stephanie Bois, President of the Law Society of England and Wales, said, “Refugees threatened to be sent to Rwanda to see if this plan complies with the 1951 Convention have been abused.”

PA Media contributed to this report.

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