Boris Johnson was frustrated when Biden mentioned a “special relationship” between the United States and Britain.

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A composite image of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and US President Joe Biden. Getty

  • Biden called Johnson and mentioned a “special relationship” between the United States and Britain, Atlantic reported.

  • Johnson told Biden that he didn’t want to use the term, Outlet told him.

  • Johnson believes the word makes his country look weak and poor, the report said.

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was angry that President Joe Biden mentioned a “special relationship” between the United States and Britain. According to The Atlantic’s new profile of Tom McTague..

A detailed profile released on Monday was the result of a four-month report in which McTag followed Johnson to the United Kingdom and interviewed him and his aides.

This profile contains one anecdote told by one of Johnson’s aides that Johnson argued against Biden on an early phone call with the President of the United States.

Biden mentioned a “special relationship” between Britain and the United States on the phone, but Johnson didn’t like the word, Atlantic reported.

“To Johnson, it seemed poor and weak,” the report said.

A Johnson spokesman told insiders on Monday:

The Atlantic newspaper did not reveal what day Johnson and Biden said, but Biden was the first president to speak to Johnson on January 23. Read aloud the White House call, Biden “expressed his intention to strengthen special relations between our countries.”


Mr. Biden, Michigan, May 18, 2021. Nicholas Cam / Associated Press

The term “special relationship” is broadly derived from the wartime British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, known for Johnson’s writing and idolization of books.

This phrase is often used by both British and US politicians to perpetuate the idea that the United States and the United Kingdom are equally dependent.

On May 3, Secretary of State Antony Blinken Said The United States does not have as “close allies” as Britain and praised “special relations.”

In an opinion piece Published by The Washington Post on SundayBiden wrote that he would visit the United Kingdom for the G7 Summit “to confirm the special relationship between the two countries.”

G7 Summit Held in Cornwall from June 11th to June 13thBiden and his wife Jill after the summit I will meet Queen Elizabeth II..

Since taking office, Biden has revealed that Britain’s stance on Northern Ireland has jeopardized good relations.

Last November, Mr. Biden He told Johnson he didn’t want to set a strict border between Britain and Northern Ireland. Ascend after Brexit. “The idea of ​​closing the north-south border again is incorrect. You have to keep the border open,” he said.

on Monday, The Times of London reported Biden will raise this issue again with Joeson at the G7 Summit.

Biden is also trying to tell Johnson that if the border scenario remains unresolved, the outlook for the Anglo-American trade deal will be undermined, the newspaper said.

Biden’s members of the 2020 campaign told insiders last year: Biden does not look at Johnson favorably, And Biden still remembers the British Prime Minister’s past jab against former President Barack Obama.

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