Boris Johnson welcomed Derek Chauvin’s verdict and said he was “strange” at George Floyd’s murder.

& Lt; p & gt; After a trial decision by former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, residents are keeping their hands on behalf of George Floyd & lt; / p & gt; (Reuters)

After a verdict in the trial of former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin, residents put their hands on their hearts for George Floyd


Boris Johnson Welcomed Derek Chauvin Convicted and said he was “stunned” at the murder George Floyd..

“I am appalled by George Floyd’s death and welcome this verdict. My idea tonight is with George Floyd’s family and friends,” the British Prime Minister tweeted late Tuesday.

On May 25, last year, 46-year-old Floyd was suspended on suspicion of using a $ 20 counterfeit note in a cigarette pack at a Minneapolis corner store. When police were trying to put him in a police car, the man became a police car and pleaded for claustrophobia.

Instead, police put him on the ground, and a video recorded by a teenager showed him for about nine and a half minutes, including a few minutes after former police officer Chauvin, 45, stopped breathing Floyd. A pulse indicating that the knee was placed on Floyd’s neck.

In a verdict on Tuesday, a jury found a white, currently dismissed police officer convicted of two unintentional murders, three murders, and two manslaughter charges. He will be sentenced to another hearing because it will take place about two months later.

Floyd’s death, about six months before the 2020 presidential election, created an international headline and sparked protests across the United States with those seeking justice. It was a major milestone in the Black Lives Matter movement, causing protests not only in the United States but also in several other countries, including the United Kingdom.

The US government also welcomed the ruling. Kamala HarrisIn January, the first woman, the first black man, and the first Asian American became Vice President of the United States, said: “We are all part of George Floyd’s legacy, and now our job is to respect it-to respect him.

“Today’s verdict is one step closer to achieving equal justice under the law. But the verdict does not heal the pain that has existed for generations. The Floyd family felt. You can’t get rid of the pain, and that’s why you have to recommit to fight for equal justice, “she tweeted.

Harris Vice President and President Joe Biden After being convicted, he was called the Floyd family.

Looking back on Floyd’s words “I can’t breathe,” President Biden said: You can’t let them die with him. We have to keep listening to them. Don’t turn your back. We cannot turn our backs.

“The name George Floyd has a meaningful police reform law, but it should take less than a year to achieve it. I will continue to fight the Floyd family for the passage of George Floyd’s police law. I promised that I would be able to sign the law right away, “he tweeted.

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