Boris Johnson will announce plans to resume the economy and resume overseas travel

Coronavirus article bar with counter ..

Coronavirus article bar with counter ..

With the help of one of the fastest vaccine deployments in the world, Prime Minister Boris Johnson plans to resume the economy and eventually resume international travel when updating the coronavirus roadmap. ..

As much of Europe enters a new blockade to tackle the surge, Johnson will provide up-to-date information on his time zone plans to ease restrictions in the coming months at a press conference on Downing Street. .. A hospital with Covid-19.

Johnson will confirm that non-essential retailers, outdoor hospitality and hairdressing shops will be reopened in the UK on April 12. We will also elaborate on your vaccine passport and travel abroad.

The government’s plan to use traffic light systems in the country based on the level of infection and vaccination undermines the hope that some form of holiday may occur. Under the current plan, overseas travel will not resume until May 17th at the earliest.

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Professor Neil Ferguson urges government to “reconsider exemptions” for travel to the UK

Professor Neil Ferguson, a scientific adviser to Imperial College London, said he was concerned that the spread of South African variants in the EU could undermine the UK’s vaccination program.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today Program: “There is a risk of importing variants that could compromise the vaccination program. At this point, we are particularly concerned about South African variants.”

He added that the “true policy agenda” is not just focused on “Red List” countries, but on “risk mitigation” of what the government does about the rules surrounding round-trip travel to Europe.

He said everyone traveling to the UK should be tested for vaccination.

He told the Today program: “The real policy challenge in terms of mitigating risk is to do it around travel and return to Europe, which means at least testing people. In these countries.

“It’s wise, and I think it makes sense to rethink the exemptions currently in place.

“If you’re a truck driver or traveling for government business, you don’t need to quarantine or even test.

“I think it’s wise to take the test, at least when everyone comes in.”

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Hair dressing reopens in Scotland as coronavirus restrictions are relaxed

As the coronavirus was further deregulated in Scotland, the barber reopened at 6 am on Monday to welcome customers.

Hairdressers and hairdressers will be reopened on Monday with some non-essential stores, such as garden stores and household goods stores, as the blockade will be relaxed.

Tony Mann opened a hairdresser in Giffnock, East Renfrewshire at 6 am, allowing people to cut their hair for the first time in months.

Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon released a country route map from the blockade on March 16 after seeing customers allowed to return to some businesses on Monday.

College and college students can also return to face-to-face instruction and resume outdoor contact sports between the ages of 12 and 17.

The move on Monday continues on April 26, with beer gardens and gyms returning to trade, allowing more people to meet outdoors and in public places, and the economy to resume more widely.

Ms. Sturgeon previously said she hopes the country will return to normal by the summer.

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Boris Johnson Announces Framework for Relaxing Travel Restrictions

The Prime Minister will lead a press conference on Downing Street scheduled around 5 pm today.

He will use a press conference to elaborate on the framework for relaxing international travel restrictions prior to the report of the World Travel Task Force scheduled for April 12.

The ban on international travel from the United Kingdom will not be lifted until May 17, but Downing Street will be a risk-based “red, amber, and green rating for countries around the world when the rules are relaxed. It states that there is a “traffic light” system. ..

Travelers arriving from countries rated as green do not need to be quarantined, but pre-departure and post-arrival testing is still required.

For those classified as amber or red, the arrival restrictions required to enter quarantine or quarantine remain intact.

Authorities revealed this week that there was no announcement as to which country was on which list-a decision criticized by tourism bosses.

Martin Sumners, Secretary-General of the Association of Independent Tour Operators, told The Times: “The fact that we don’t know which countries are allowed to travel until next month makes it very difficult to launch and run the program.”

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Free twice-weekly quick Covid test for everyone in the UK

Boris Johnson is encouraged to undergo a Covid test twice a week on Monday to show that no one in the country is infected.

A quick lateral flow test is paid by the government and can be delivered home free of charge from Friday.

The multi-billion pound expansion of tests is designed to catch Covid outbreaks early when the economy resumes.

Testing is optional, but this announcement could pave the way for workplaces and businesses to ask staff and customers to give negative results.

It is also understood that the government is considering how mass testing systems can form part of civil servants. “Covid certification” scheme, The general public needs to show the latest negative test results to prove that they have been vaccinated or to prove that they have antibodies from recent infections to attend an event or venue there is.

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Immunochromatography Site at Allam Sport Center at the University of Hull in Hull-OLISCARFF / AFP

Immunochromatography Site at the University of Hull’s Alam Sports Center in Hull-OLISCARFF / AFP

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The union says the school could face a rise in Covid’s case if the class’s face mask is discarded

The union warns that a third wave of the Covid-19 case after Easter could threaten schools if the government abandons strict security measures.

The NASUWT Education Union is calling on the Minister not to undermine guidance on face covering in secondary schools and colleges prior to the return of students in the summer semester.

UK secondary and college students are currently advised to wear face covers, including in the classroom, whenever social distance cannot be maintained.

However, the government said the measure would be reviewed at Easter.

NASUWT is concerned that ministers may relax guidance as blockades are beginning to be relaxed nationwide.

The union argues that such a move compromises the safety of Covid-19 and reduces student compliance with broader security controls in schools and universities where the risk of infection remains high.

A survey of more than 4,000 NASUWT members found that 75% support junior high school students who need to wear face masks in the classroom.

Kids Wearing Face Masks During Lessons-Danny Lawson / PA Wire

Kids Wearing Face Masks During Lessons-Danny Lawson / PA Wire

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India’s new daily cases exceed 100,000 for the first time

India reported a record increase in coronavirus infections on Monday, making it the second country after the United States after the worst affected hospitals were attacked by patients.

Daily infections in the country have jumped about 12 times since authorities eased most restrictions and hit lows for the first time in months in early February when people stopped wearing masks and increasing social distance. .. More infectious variants of the virus may also have contributed to the second surge, according to some epidemiologists.

There are 103,558 new cases reported in India, and 12.6 million cases are now reported, the highest number recorded in the world in the past week.

Crowded beach people in Mumbai-Reuters

Crowded beach people in Mumbai-Reuters

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Philippines prolongs blockade when infection surges

The Philippine government extended the blockade for another week on Monday after a surprising surge in coronavirus infections continued to surge and began to overwhelm many hospitals in the capital and surrounding areas.

President Rodrigo Duterte was blocked last week in Metro Manila and four suburban states, a region of more than 25 million people, as daily infections exceeded the 10,000 mark.

The Philippine government-run lung center has become the newest hospital in the metropolitan area, and over the weekend, the Covid-19 ward became full, the emergency room doubled, and it could no longer accept walk-in patients. Announced. capacity.

“We’re not just full. We’re very full. In fact, the hospital has been full for the past two weeks,” said Lung Center spokesman Dr. Norberto Francisco.

Other hospitals said they could take steps to increase the number of beds, but many hospitals were also infected and the number of health care workers was inadequate.

Catholics attend a Mass commemorating Easter Sunday outside the Parish Church of St. Peter in Quezon City, Metro Manila-& # xa0; MARK R CRISTINO / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

Catholics attend a mass commemorating Easter Sunday outside the Parish Church of St. Peter in Quezon City, Metro Manila-MARK R CRISTINO / EPA-EFE / Shutterstock

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China reports the largest daily case jumps in over 2 months

China reported the largest daily surge of new Covid-19 cases in more than two months, as cities on the border with Myanmar in southwestern Yunnan accounted for all new local cases.

Ruilei’s local government has put urban residents under home quarantine, launched a large-scale test drive, reported Covid-19 patients, and began restricting people from entering and exiting the city last week. ..

The city accounted for all 15 new local cases reported on April 4. The total number of new infections, including those imported from abroad, was 32, the highest since January 31st.

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China donates 150,000 Sinovac vaccines to El Salvador

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele announced on Sunday that he would donate 150,000 Sinovac Covid-19 vaccines to Central America, in addition to the 2 million Sinovac jabs that the government had already purchased.

“I received a letter from Xi Jinping president. He let me know that you donate 15 million units of vaccine against Covid-19 in our country,” Bukere and wrote on Twitter.

The donation will support El Salvador, a country of about 6.5 million people who launched an AstraZeneca vaccination campaign in February.

El Salvador reports 64,431 cases of coronavirus and 2,025 deaths from the virus.

Comparison of efficacy of world-leading vaccines

Comparison of efficacy of world-leading vaccines

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Sturgeon receives initial dose of “can’t wait” vaccine

Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon said he “can’t wait” for the first dose of the coronavirus vaccine later this month.

She said it was a “harsh year” for everyone because of the virus, as she revealed she would receive her first vaccination in mid-April.

Like many others, Sturgeon, 50, tweeted a photo of a blue envelope with a vaccine appointment after it arrived from the letterbox.

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