Bosch workers protest factory closures and headcount reductions

Berlin — Thousands of workers at car supplier Robert Bosch protested a planned factory closure and job change in Germany on Friday. The company said it needs to adapt to changing demand in the transition to electric vehicles.

The company says about 3,000 workers from various factories gathered outside the Bosch factory in Bühl and about 1,000 staff in Germany will lose their jobs by 2025 as a result of relocation, reduction, or new hires. rice field.

Workers also gathered in the town of Arnstadt. There, a factory that manufactures so-called generator regulators (automobile parts that are no longer needed in electric vehicles) will be closed at the end of the year due to a shortage of customers and will take on the work of 100 people. And with that.

Protests also took place outside Bosch’s Munich plant, and although no final decision was made, 250 jobs could be transferred abroad.

“For all fuel pumps manufactured in Munich, we lose money,” plant manager Joerg Luntz said in an email to Reuters.

“No one denies that the structural change in Bosch requires a great deal of effort, but the change is fair and needs to be focused on the workers,” said Bosch’s Mobility Solutions division. Franksel, head of the Labor-Management Council, said.

A spokesperson for Bosch, the world’s largest automotive supplier, said:

Trade unions in Germany and elsewhere have warned that the transition to electric vehicle production could cost millions of jobs if workers are not retrained.