Boston Dynamics lets Atlas robots show off their parkour skills


Boston Dynamics Atlas

Boston Dynamics

Watched Boston Dynamics’s latest sharevideoLater, your fear of Skynet is estimated to increase by a few points. In this short film, the parkour technology of the Atlas humanoid robot is officially demonstrated. You can see that the two robots are very smooth when completing actions such as spinning, jumping, and even backflips. Many sci-fi movies have almost become reality. NS.

Of course, BD must have spent a lot of work behind to achieve this. According to them, the development of this set of movements took “months” of time, and its purpose was to test Atlas’ ability to maintain its balance when switching and coordinating movements. And it needs to be pointed out that Atlas does not completely follow the behaviors preset by the implementation of the developer. It can already make immediate adjustment judgments based on the information collected by the visual system.

Weibo video:

In addition, BD also said that the video only shows the side of success. In fact, Atlas has only a 50% success rate when doing prancing movements, and errors may occur at each step. The development team will continue to improve Atlas in the future to overcome Atlas’ innate defects such as lack of spine and fragile arm joints, so as to achieve the goal of achieving a higher degree of completion of the action and sufficient investment in assisting human causes.