Boston Dynamics’s Spot robot dog learned to re-plan its path

Boston Robotics Spot

Boston Robotics

The Spot robot dog from Boston Dynamics has learned new things again.In the latest Release 3.0 In the update, the development team added the function of dynamic planning path for it. In this way, in the process of performing tasks, Spot can automatically respond immediately even if it encounters obstacles, which should be able to bring a lot of help to some unmanned operations. In addition, Spot can now use scene recognition technology to repeatedly take pictures at the same location and at the same angle at different times. It can use machine vision to detect changes in readings and heat, and on this basis, the staff can perform related inspections in the first time.

From this update, we can see a little bit about the direction of Spot’s next evolution. It feels that the auxiliary role of robots to humans has become more and more obvious.