Both drawing and post-production, Wacom, Gaomon drawing board online shopping promotion promotion


The electronic drawing board may be one of the products that many people have heard of, but have not personally tried to use. In recent years, the electronic drawing board can provide low latency, less parallax, and different “pressure sensitive level” and “tilt sensing” experience, and it has been very close to hand-painted in use. In addition to drawing, you can also rely on the advantages of electronic drawing boards that are easier to control than a mouse to allow you to easily complete work such as photo or video post-production. Manufacturers specializing in electronic graphics on the market include Wacom, Huion, Gaoman Gaomon, etc. This time I will first introduce the general graphics that they have launched, and the LCD graphics screen that can directly see the painting status will be reserved for the next time. Let me introduce you one by one.