Boyfriend was charged with the death of a teacher and her 11-year-old daughter, according to Missouri police.

A female boyfriend who died at home with her 11-year-old daughter earlier this week was charged with murder, according to Missouri officials.

Authorities Search for JT McLean, 45, 43 years old, Alison Abitz and her daughter, Josie Abitz, have been accused of murder. According to the sheriff’s office, the bodies of the mother and daughter were found at her home in Boone County on Sunday night.

Congressman was sent home Just south of Colombia, late Sunday night, worried families were unable to contact them, according to the sheriff’s office. The motive for the killing is unknown.

McLean was Abittsu’s longtime boyfriend and the last known person to come into contact with his mother and daughter, the sheriff’s office said. He was charged with two murders on Wednesday and an arrest warrant was issued.

McLean is a truck driver who said the sheriff’s office has something to do with Las Vegas. Chicago; St. Peter, Minnesota; Columbia, Missouri; Fulton, Missouri. He is described as a white man, about 5 feet, 9 inches, 210 pounds, with green eyes with brown hair.

According to the media, Abittsu was a teacher at Bush Elementary School in Fulton, and Josie was scheduled to enroll in Fulton’s sixth grade.

“she Was an excellent teacher.. She spoke calmly, “Dr. Thai Crane, director of Fulton School, told her mother, KRCG. “She was always smiling. She definitely loved her children.”

Jozee has also been an acrobat and part of the Columbia Acro and Tumbling team for the past six years.

“(Josie) was ready for anything, just with his eyes rounded. Always excited“My family friend Katie Gin told KOMU. “I have never seen a child with a wider and happier smile. The girl was always happy to grin from ear to ear.”

McLean, also known as John McLean, Stephen Nagy, and Stephen McLean, is facing $ 1 million in cash collateral on his charges, according to the sheriff’s office.

If you have information about McLean’s whereabouts, please contact the Boone County Sheriff’s Office (573-442-6131).

According to Texas police, the boyfriend strangles his girlfriend and leaves her body on the couch in the living room.

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Dad sees his ex-wife and her boyfriend in his son’s soccer match and kills them, says a Texas police officer.

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