Braver Angel tries to heal the wounds of the partisans.Anatomy of childcare crisis

Is there anyone in your life who can’t talk about politics? Braver Angels I’m here to help. They have tools and workshops to help people depolarize their conversations to rebuild public confidence. Talk to event director Randy Lioz to find out how it works.

Next, in the American Q & A, I ask the following questions. Whatever you think about the effectiveness of the 2020 elections, can you imagine changing your mind when you see strong evidence on the other side?

Next, I heard that there is a childcare crisis in the United States. What does that mean? Tom Copeland teach. He has worked in the industry for over 40 years as a consultant, trainer, and author of nine books on this topic.

Finally, in the second American Q & A, I ask the following questions. What is the biggest problem in deciding who to vote for as of today?