Braverman tells British police not to ‘pander to identity politics’, but to ‘stick to catching the bad guys’


Interior Secretary Suela Braverman said on Tuesday that police should return to “common sense enforcement” rather than cracking down on Twitter pronouns and non-criminal hate incidents.

In his first major speech as home secretary, Braverman told a Conservative party conference in Birmingham that civil servants were “distracted from doing their job when poisoned”. . [of identity politics] Penetrate public places. ”

She rejected calls from “many on the left” to defund the police and said she would always stand by the men and women in the police force. However, she also said that some officers “fallen short of expected standards.”

It’s “wrong” for police officers to kneel down to participate in political demonstrations, or for a biologically male police officer to search for a female suspect, she said, speaking at the 2020 Black Lives show. He referred to police officers dancing “on their knees” during the Matter protests. At a pride march in Lincolnshire earlier this year, Daily email report In April, it said female suspects could be searched naked by biologically male officers who identified themselves as female.

“It’s not just that pandering to identity politics is a waste of time. They need to stick to catching the bad guys,” Braverman said.

Braverman denies claims that political correctness is a “conservative obsession”, citing the grooming gang scandals in Rochdale and Telford, saying that “political correctness is more important than criminal justice.” What happens when it becomes important?”

“We need to go back to common sense policing. We need to enable police to address issues facing the public. Not policing pronouns on Twitter or policing non-criminal hate incidents.” All A large number of troops promised to be present at the scene of the robbery.

She said the police cannot ignore neighborhood crimes such as “drugs, car theft, vandalism and anti-social behavior” and “needs to improve the system” to deal with rape. .

Mr Braverman said it was “correct” to publish the standings of the forces in England and Wales. This was a policy proposed by Prime Minister Liz Truss during her leadership campaign to improve transparency and raise the bar on the military’s performance in tackling crime.

The prime minister and government want “homicides, serious violence and neighborhood crime to drop by 20%,” Braverman said.

Epoch Times photo
Police officers detain an Insulate Britain protester occupying a roundabout leading from London’s M25 motorway to Heathrow Airport on 27 September 2021. (Steve Parsons/PA)

The Home Secretary also said he was tough on vandalism and riots, such as seen during some Black Lives Matters protests, “Kill the Bill” protests and guerrilla protests by climate change protesters. I swore.

“You can’t just riot or stick to the road and run away,” she said, adding that the government’s public order bill would give police powers to stop the “nuisance” of the toppling statue.

“So whether you’re Just Stop Oil, Insulate Britain or Extinction Rebellion, breaking the law crosses the line. That’s why we keep you in jail,” she said. I got

Braverman also said the government’s national security bill would give law enforcement and intelligence agencies the tools they need to counter Britain’s “increasingly sophisticated adversaries”.

Say it’s “supreme duty” [the] Braverman also pledged to stop illegal immigration across the English Channel and reduce the overall number of immigrants, in order to protect the safety of the British and the borders.

Former Prime Minister Theresa May abolished performance targets for police in 2010 when she was Home Secretary, saying: Targets hinder the fight against crime. ”

We may also commission reports (pdf) about the use of targets in policing in 2015, states that numerical targets are too crude for complex systems, create perverse incentives, and have demoralizing effects.

Lily Zhou


Lily Zhou is an Ireland-based reporter focusing on UK news. Lily said she attended the Chinese edition of The Epoch Times for the first time before she focused on the UK in 2020.