Brawl at a karaoke bar in Papua, Indonesia, where at least 19 people die from Blaze

Police officers are guarding outside the Double O Karaoke bar on January 25, 2022, after a rival youth gang brawl in West Papua, Indonesia. (Olha Mulalinda / Antara Foto via Reuters)

Jakarta — At least 19 people have died after a karaoke bar in West Papua, Indonesia, struggled among young rival gangs in the region, police in Solon’s provincial capital said Tuesday.

Earlier on Tuesday, 18 people were trapped and the venue was set on fire, one fatally injured, police officials said.

“The fighting between young people in the city is normal, but it’s the first time it has caused so many deaths,” West Papua police spokesman Adam Erwini told Metro TV. rice field.

Adam said a fatal incident at Solon’s entertainment facility is still under investigation and it is unclear if the death toll will increase.

Separately, Indonesian national police spokesman Deddy Placetio said the brawl took place between two rival gangs on the neighboring island of Maluku.