Brazilian court gives telegram Sunday deadline to comply with order

Two men are posing on their smartphones in front of the screen showing the telegram logo in this photo illustration taken in Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina on November 18, 2015. (DadoRuvic / Reuters)

São Paulo — The messaging app Telegram needs to be fully compliant by Sunday with the Brazilian Supreme Court’s order to block accounts allegedly disseminating false information if it continues to operate in Brazil, Alexandre de Moraes said. The judge ruled.

The telegram could not be reached due to comments.

Telegram was in partial compliance by freezing accounts belonging to Allan Dos Santos, an activist associated with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro. On Saturday, the judge gave him 24 hours to fully comply with Telegram. This is the day after Telegram was suspended due to non-compliance with the decision to block accounts linked to dos Santos due to the creation and dissemination of incorrect information.

Telegram founder Pavel Durov apologized to the Supreme Court on Friday for the company’s “negligence,” condemned the misunderstanding and asked the court to postpone the decision to improve compliance.

Bolsonaro and his advocates have become increasingly dependent on Telegram for mass communication as a large technology company like Meta, which owns the messaging app WhatsApp. Alphabet Inc.’s Google; and Twitter Inc. have complied with the Supreme Court’s order to remove accounts allegedly disinformation.