Brazilian soccer legend Pele re-hospitalized for treatment of colon tumors

Albert Einstein Hospital in São Paulo said on Wednesday that Brazilian football legend Pele was hospitalized to receive treatment for colon tumors, adding that he is in a stable condition and needs to be discharged within a few days. rice field.

The 81-year-old woman, who won the World Cup three times, underwent surgery to remove the tumor in September and was treated for nearly a month. The hospital said it needed chemotherapy at the time.

Pele continues to be treated, according to Wednesday’s breaking news.

“Patients are stable and are expected to be released within a few days,” the statement said.

It did not give details about the severity of his tumor or how the treatment was progressing.

Widely considered one of the greatest soccer players of all time, Pele has suffered a series of health problems in recent years. Hip surgery left him with repeated pain and he can no longer walk on his own.

Just a few weeks before last year’s pandemic hit Brazil, his son said former Santos and New York Cosmos players were depressed, but Pele later denied it.

He looked bright in videos shot during the recovery period in September and October, and said on Twitter last month that he was feeling better “every day.”

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