Brazil’s Bolsonaro says Britain’s Johnson called for an “urgent” food deal, the embassy is different


Brasilia-Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said on Thursday that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, whom he met in New York this week, called for an “urgent” agreement to supply Britain with food shortages.

Bolsonaro did not name the product to his supporters in a weekly webcast, but said he had passed Johnson’s request to his agriculture minister, Tereza Cristina.

“He wants to import some of the foods that Britain lacks in an emergency agreement with us,” he said.

The British Embassy in Brazil disputed Bolsonaro’s explanation, saying that what the President of Brazil said was not a memory of the facts.

Cheong Wa Dae did not immediately respond to the request for product description.

Soaring natural gas prices have closed some UK fertilizer plants in recent weeks, running out of CO2 used to fizz beer and soda and stun poultry and pigs before they are slaughtered. ..

The British government, which is trying to avoid a shortage of meat and poultry, has expanded the state of emergency and warned food producers to prepare for a 400 percent rise in carbon dioxide prices.

Ministers, including Johnson, have repeatedly ignored suggestions that traditional Christmas dishes such as roast turkey may be in short supply, but some suppliers have warned about them.

Bolsonaro said he asked him to help increase the import of whiskey from the UK from Brazil, but it was up to the private sector, not his government, on his social media. I added it in the story.