Brazil’s Bolsonaro says the military will obey his orders to take the street

    (Via Reuters)

(Via Reuters)

BrazilFar-right president Jair Bolsonaro If he decided to tell the country’s army to take the street, he insisted that “the order would continue.”

Bolsonaro will roll out on Friday as some are already afraid that a former Army captain, who has been attacked on multiple fronts, could prevent peaceful takeover of power in next year’s presidential election. The most clear indication of intention. Military on the streets of the country.

Brazil Coronavirus In the midst of the crisis, the president has denied both the virus itself and measures to contain it. Warnings of social turmoil and anxiety in recent weeks as a result of movement and trade restrictions enforced locally by individual states and cities.

“I won’t elaborate on what I’m preparing,” Bolsonaro said in a television interview, but “how do you plan to enter the field if something goes wrong … armed? There is. ” The military may enter the street at some point. “

Such a move, O Globo He reported that he had stated that he would “re-enact Article 5 of the Constitution,” referring to the individual rights of the Brazilian people.The· Folha de Sao Paulo The newspaper described him as talking about “curfew timidity.”

Mr. Bolsonaro’s comments, which have long praised Brazil’s 20-year military dictatorship, will do little to ease critics who are concerned about the politicization of his army. Others are worried about his commitment to a peaceful takeover of power in the event of severe results in next year’s presidential election.

He threw his support behind Donald Trump’s plot in last year’s stolen elections, and it culminated in supporters of the former U.S. president. Deadly raid on the Parliament building In Washington, DC, Bolsonaro has also made unfounded claims of fraudulent voting in Brazil since the 2018 elections.

No one is stranger to the fierce criticism, but Bolsonaro is now aware that he is in an increasingly difficult situation. The Senate has recently begun investigating how to deal with a pandemic, discussing the possibility of impeachment.

Meanwhile, the star seems to be coordinating to counter him in 2022, perhaps the most dangerous political rival, former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. This week, the Brazilian Supreme Court upheld last month’s decision by controversial judge Sergio Moro. He was later appointed Minister of Justice for Mr. Bolsonaro and was convicted of corruption in 2017 by Mr. Lurada Silva.

A conviction that prevented towering left-wing politicians from challenging Mr. Bolsonaro in 2018 was invalidated by the court in March for procedural reasons, and a Supreme Court judge investigated corruption against Mr. Lurada Silva. We called it the “biggest judicial scandal.” In the history of the country.

A few days later, as one poll Lula da Silva enjoyed half of Brazil’s vote, suggesting 12 points more than Bolsonaro, and the former president accused the current successor’s approach to the pandemic as “moronic” and “in this country. There is no government. ”Bolsonaro is urgently trying to procure a shortage of available vaccines.

frequently His supporters The Supreme Court and Senator Bolsonaro have sought to insist on greater control over the Brazilian army during his tenure. He appointed various military personnel to the cabinet and many more to the entire government.

“Given the position of the second and third bureaucracy, we are talking about thousands or tens of thousands of troops (active or retired) in the Brazilian government today,” said a political scientist and professor. Professor Guilherme Casarões says. Talked to an Australian broadcaster at the Faculty of Administration at Fundação Getulio Vargas ABC Saturday.

“This is very different from what has happened in the last 35 years. One of the foundations of our civilian democracy was exactly to keep the military away from politics, so by returning them to politics – Bolsonaro himself. Is a former Army Captain – I think he is trying to send a message to all his political opponents. “

However, Brazilian troops were at stake last month after Mr. Bolsonaro fired his longtime ally, General Fernando Azevedo e Silva, and all Army, Air Force, and Navy commanders resigned. did.

Elian Easyhede, journalist Estado de Sao PauloSuggested that the general had left the government after revealing to Mr. Bolsonaro that the army was not the president’s personal power. Parents report.

Professor Lucas Resende of the Federal University of Santa Catarina said the line of troops that came on the anniversary of the 1964 Brazilian coup was triggered by Mr. Bolsonaro’s desire to put the troops on the street in accordance with coronavirus restrictions. He said he believed. ..

“Perhaps he ordered that the governor and mayor place troops on the streets of these states and cities that have determined social restrictions in some area,” said Professor Resende. PRI..

Additional report by Reuters

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