Break when four Idaho students were murdered

He was arrested in November after four University of Idaho students were stabbed to death. The case rocked the small college town and apparently baffled investigators for weeks.

Here we take a look at what is known about the killing and the latest developments.

What was the break in the case?

Law enforcement officials said Friday Pennsylvania authorities had arrested a suspect.Brian Christopher Coberger, 28, was charged with a first-degree murder warrant in Idaho, according to arrest documents filed in Monroe County Court. was requested to be transferred to Law enforcement officials confirmed the arrest to the Associated Press on the condition of anonymity. It has been.

Who are the victims?

All four were friends and members of the Greek system of universities. Twenty-year-old Xana Kernodle was in her junior year studying marketing. She is from Idaho Post She Falls and joined her Pi Beta Phi sorority on campus. She lived in a rented house with two other women who were stabbed, and she was dating Ethan Chapin, who was visiting the night of the murder.

Chapin was also 20, from Conway, Washington, and had triplets. His brother and sister also attended his UI, and both Chapin and his brother were members of the Sigma Chi fraternity.

Kaylee Goncalves and Madison Mogen are 21-year-old friends who grew up together in Northern Idaho. Morgen worked with Carnodol at a Greek restaurant in Moscow. She was also a member of her Pi Beta Phi.

Goncalves is a senior general studies student, a member of the Alpha Phi sorority, and planning a trip to Europe next year.

What happened the night and morning of the attack?

Gonçalves and Morgen went to a bar, stopped by a food truck, and drove home around 2:00 am on November 13th.

According to police, Chapin and Carnodle were at Sigma Chi’s house, which is a short walk away, and returned to Carnodle’s house around 1:45 am.

Two other roommates who live in the house were also out that night, but got home by 1am.

After waking up, they called a friend to come home as they believed one of the victims found upstairs was unconscious and had not woken up. At 11:58 am, someone in the house used her roommate’s cell phone to call 911. Multiple people spoke with the dispatcher before police arrived.

Police found two victims on the second floor and two on the third floor of the three-story house. There was a dog in the house, but it was safe.

An autopsy showed that all four were likely asleep when they were attacked, some had defensive wounds, and each had multiple stab wounds. Police said there were no signs of sexual assault.

Was the victim targeted?

It is unclear whether the killer or murderer knew the victim.

Investigators say nothing appears to have been stolen from the home.

What was the reaction from police and the community?

Police initially said there was no threat to the 25,000-person community surrounded by the rolling Palouse hills, but later retracted that statement. Many residents have been horrified since the killing.

The University of Idaho has allowed students to switch to full remote learning.

The university has also hired an additional security company to help keep the campus safe. Students can request escorts on campus.


Associated Press writer Mike Balsamo contributed from Washington.