Brian Laundrie’s notebook show page “I’ve finished her life, I thought it was benevolent.”


Gabby Petito and his fiancé Brian Laundrie

Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie.Courtesy of the Schmidt and Petit family

  • Brian Laundrie’s notes seem to contain a confession that he killed Gabby Petito.

  • “I’ve finished her life. I thought it was benevolent that it was what she wanted,” it said.

  • Laundry also said he chose to commit suicide because “I couldn’t live another day without her.”

Brian Laundrie’s notes recovered from the Florida Swamp by the FBI appear to contain a confession that it was he who killed Gabby Petito.

“I’ve finished her life,” Note said. Fox News reported on Friday.. “I thought what she wanted was benevolent, but now I see all the mistakes I made. I panicked. I was shocked.”

He wrote that she chose to kill her after being injured in a fall in Wyoming.

“From the moment I decided, I knew I couldn’t continue without her, removing her pain,” Laundry wrote, according to a Fox News image.

Laundry and Petit went on a cross-country expedition in the fall of 2021 and killed both. They have recorded their trips in detail on social media, and it was announced on September 11 that Petite was missing.

Laundry returned to his parents’ home in Florida until he went missing on September 13. Shortly thereafter, he was nominated as a person interested in Petite’s death.

Petite’s body was found on September 19 at a remote campsite in Bridger-Teton National Forest. The cause of her death was initially unknown, but almost a month later, a Teton County coroner said Petite’s cause of death was strangulation.

It wasn’t until October 21 that authorities remained confirmed to belong to Laundry in Florida’s Carlton Reserve. They also recovered a backpack full of his stuff, including a notebook.

A coroner on November 23 determined Laundry’s death to be suicide.

According to an image from Fox News, “I loved you more than anything else,” followed a note addressed to “Gabby” in Laundry’s notebook.

“I can’t stand looking at our pictures and remembering great times, which is why I can’t continue,” he writes. “When I close my eyes, I think of lying on the roof of a van and seeing the meteor shower of Crystal Geyser and falling asleep. I always love you.”

He apologized to “everyone this affects,” namely Petite’s family, who wrote he “loves,” Fox News reported.

“Don’t make this difficult for them. This happened as an unexpected tragedy,” Laundry wrote.

In a memo, Laundry said he heard a “splash and scream” near a campsite in Utah and described the injury that Petite said he had suffered.

When he said he found her underwater, he said she was “freezing cold” and “there was a small bump on her forehead, which eventually grew.” He tried to take her to her safe place, but not knowing where their car was parked, Petite decided to take her back over the stream where she fell. He said he didn’t forgive him.

He said he was lying with Petite, who was angry whenever Laundry awakened her from sleep, he said because she was afraid of having a concussion.

He said he didn’t know the extent of her injury, “only that she was in extreme pain.”

Laundry then wrote, “I hurried home and spent time with my family.”

He added that he drove north to where Petite’s family lived and thought “I’m sure they would have wanted” to have her stepfather or brother kill him.

“I’m not ending my life for fear of punishment, but because I can’t live another day without her. I’ve lost our entire future together. We cherish it. Every moment, “Laundry wrote at the end. In his memo, Fox News reported.

“I’m sorry everyone died. Don’t bother my family life. I lost my son and daughter. I’m the most amazing girl in the world. I’m sorry Gabby,” he added.

“I killed myself in this stream, hoping that the animals might tear me up, because it might make some of her family happy,” Laundry wrote. .. “Pick up everything mine. Gabby hated people who throw trash.”

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