Brian Laundry claimed at a Wyoming restaurant hours before Gabby Petit disappeared: Witnesses

FIRST ON FOX: Last one Gabby Petit An explosive debate was held between Brian Laundry and the waiter and he was seen alive. Jackson hole A restaurant, according to a couple in New Orleans who said they witnessed spats.

“I’m feeling chills right now,” Nina Serry Angelo told Fox News Digital on Wednesday. “It’s crazy because it wasn’t like we overtook them on the street — it was a serious incident.”

Angelo said she and her boyfriend Matthew England were in town for a wedding in late August. They went out for lunch at the Tex-Mex restaurant Mary Piglet between 1:00 pm and 2:00 pm on August 27, when the excited Laundry said they had begun to discuss with the waitress. Four and a half hours later, a couple on a travel blog Passed through the Petito van At the campsite north of the town.

so Instagram post On Wednesday, the restaurant confirmed that the two were there.

“Yes, I can confirm that Gabby and Brian were at Mary Piglet … We have already notified the FBI and they know. We have them work and respect Gabby’s family. I have, and I have no further comments, “said the restaurant.

Photographer Angelo said he couldn’t hear the conversation but believed that Laundry was discussing the bill and money with staff. She described his body language as “aggressive” and said he went in and out about four times.

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At some point, Petit went in and apologized for Laundry’s behavior, Angelo said.

The restaurant manager told Fox News that the business was “very busy during the summer” and couldn’t remember the incident. Local police and sheriff departments postponed questions to the FBI, which declined to comment.

Angelo posted a detailed description of the scene to her Instagram, She said she didn’t think much about the incident at first, and when they returned home to New Orleans, Hurricane Ida struck and turned over their lives.

However, after a Utah police body camera video was released last week, her boyfriend, financial adviser England, tied the point and realized that the couple were claiming Petit and Laundry. rice field.

The park ranger urged Gabby Petit to keep himself away from his “toxic” relationship with Brian Laundry, the report said.

“He goes,’Nina, it was a couple fighting in a restaurant,'” Angelo said. “And it stopped me in my footsteps. I felt like blood had left my body. I said,” Oh my god, I completely forgot the case. ” It was like. “

England reported the incident to the FBI and told Fox News that when Petite hunted down the staff at the Mary Piglet Tex-Mex restaurant, Laundry seemed “visible and upset.”

The incident occurred about two weeks after Fox News Digital first reported a witness called 911 about the conflict between Petit and Laundry in Moab, Utah. Angelo and England said police response body camera videos matched the manners and body language of Petit and Laundry they witnessed directly. England recognized from the video that the laundromat was also dressed, saying, “He seemed to have lived in a van for a while.”

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“I’ve spent the last three or four days really annoying,” he told Fox News on Wednesday. “And I got up this morning and went to Facebook, and soon there was that video with the police on board. It was a couple.”

Then it clicked.

“I’ll bet $ 10 million, I’m 1,000% sure it was him and it was her,” he said.

The United Kingdom also provided a credit card statement showing that he spent $ 60.88 at the restaurant on August 27th.

Angelo said Laundry didn’t seem to be taking drugs and was “not screaming.” But he was active with restaurant staff, waitresses, hostesses, and managers, all women.

August 27th was the last time Petito was in contact with friends and family. On September 1, Laundry arrived at his parents’ home in Florida without her and is believed to have driven a van.

The FBI said her body was found on Sunday at a campsite north of Jackson Hole.

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