Brian Laundry’s Manhunt is gone with Gabby Petit’s boyfriend gone

Florida officials said Saturday that a boyfriend, described as an “interested person,” was also missing after his longtime girlfriend disappeared when they traveled cross-country last month.

According to Northport police, the 23-year-old Brian Laundry’s investigation focused on 25,565 acres of Carlton Sanctuary, a vast park in Sarasota Court, Florida, involving about 50 law enforcement agencies.

Laundry has refused to speak to a frustrated investigator since returning earlier this month without Gabby Petite, 22, who lived with him and his parents.

Police said on Twitter that they called FBI agents Friday and reported that their families had entered a large Sunshine State Reserve last Tuesday. There was no explanation that the family was late in contacting a federal agent.

“Brian is interested in Gabby’s disappearance, but it’s important to note that he doesn’t want crime,” Florida police said. “We are not currently working on a criminal investigation. We are currently working on investigating multiple missing persons.”

Police said the phone call on Friday was the first time the Laundry family had “discussed in detail with an investigator” since his son returned home alone on September 1, and a young man visited his parents’ residence. He even refused to meet with the police. ..

Ten days later, the Petito family filed a report of the missing person with police in Suffolk County, Ll, begging Laundrie to tell the police whatever they knew about Gabby’s disappearance.

Originally from Long Island, Petit traveled across the county with Laundry in a remodeled van when he disappeared at some point after a couple fought while driving in Utah on August 12. was doing.

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