“Brighton Cat Killer” imprisoned in a series of attacks on “cruel” pets


Guards who killed cats in a series of attacks have been imprisoned for over five years.

The owner of the cat that Steve Bouquet killed was in the Hove Criminal Court on Friday and saw a 54-year-old cat imprisoned.

A former Royal Navy gunner who worked for 22 years, including Northern Ireland and Iraq, first appeared before the judge on Friday after not attending his trial.

His feast in Brighton lasted from October 2018 to May 2019 and was finally captured on CCTV set up by the owner of a dead cat.

Steve Bouquet Proceedings
A CCTV for distribution without a date, issued by Steve Bouquet’s Prosecutor’s Office in friendship with the cat before it was stabbed. (CPS / PA)

Bouquet was convicted last month for 16 cat-related criminal injuries and possession of a knife.

Nine cats were killed and seven more were injured: Hendrix, Tommy, Hannah, Alan, Nancy, Gizmo, Kyo, Olly and Cosmo.

Victim Lucy Kenward held back tears as she said she still didn’t understand why someone killed the cat.

She added: “Cosmo was my first cat as an adult. I kept him for eight years before he was killed.

“I never thought he would be killed by a person. Still, I can’t believe it.”

Kenward said he spent more than £ 5,000 ($ 6,980) on a veterinary bill in hopes of saving his beloved Cosmo, but he died of a puncture wound.

Andrea Williams told the court how she was “uncomfortable” after the cat Wheatley went missing.

She states:

“This lasted for three months until his body was finally found in his neighbor’s yard. He was 10 meters away from home all the time.

“We were essentially murderers walking down the street with a knife and intended to do harm and kill them.”

Williams said the loss of the cat meant selling Brighton’s house “just to escape.”

During the trial, the jury heard reports from the owners of several cats who found their pets bleeding at the front door.

Bouquet advocate Ravi Dogra quoted the client’s long-term service in the Royal Navy, who joined at the age of 17.

He also told the court that the bouquet was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and has since spread to his liver and lungs.

Judge Jeremy Gold QC, who sentenced Bouquet, said his actions were “cruel, lasting and at the heart of family life.”

He added: “It’s important for everyone to understand that cats are domesticated pets, but more than that. They are effectively part of the family.

“They are loved by adults and children who live and care for them.

“Cats and all livestock are a source of joy and support for their owners, especially during the blockade.

Judge Gold said he took into account Bouquet’s previous good personality and military service in his decision.

He was sentenced to 5 years and 3 months in prison.

After hearing, Stewart Montgomery, who has the cat Hendrix killed in the bouquet, said he welcomed the ruling.

But he criticized how cats are treated from a legal point of view.

Bouquet told police in a police interview he read during the trial that he only knew about the killing of cats in newspapers and online.

He told police that “there was no threat to animals,” but the court heard that a photo of a dead cat was found on his phone.

According to the public prosecutor’s office, a knife with DNA on the cat’s blood and handle was found during a search of his home, and cell phone evidence put him near many of the stab wounds. ..

Jayne Cioffi of CPS said: Steve Bouquet not only caused horrific pain to each attacking animal, but also caused real trauma to its owner. Many owners have found their beloved pet injured and bleeding.

“None of us can understand why the bouquet urged family pets to do this. His claim that it was a coincidence that he was present at various times when the animals were attacked. Was justified by the jury after being disproved by the work of investigation and prosecution. “

Michael Dramondo