“Bring it now!” Biden demands action on guns in the Senate at a wide press conference with the Japanese Prime Minister


President Joe Biden will speak with Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga at a press conference at the White House Rose Garden in Washington on April 16, 2021. Associated Press Photo / Andrew Harnick

  • President Biden called on the Senate to work on gun control “now” at a press conference on Friday.

  • Following another shooting on Thursday, Biden called the increase in gun deaths “national embarrassment.”

  • The president reaffirmed his support for identification and a ban on assault rifles.

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President Joe Biden has put public pressure on the leaders of the majority of Chuck Schumer. Friday press conferenceDemands the Senate to immediately consider the gun control bill passed by the House of Representatives The recent increase in mass shootings.

Biden was joined by Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga for a wide range of press conferences following a face-to-face summit of leaders focusing on US-Japan cooperation in the fight against China.

During the event, Biden and Suga asked questions about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics, the South China Sea and Iran. But what evoked the president’s most enthusiastic reaction was questions about Biden’s legislative progress on gun control and police reform, or its lack.

“This must be done,” Biden said. “It’s embarrassing for the people … Counting all the people killed on the streets of our cities and rural areas, there are mass shootings in the United States every day.”

The president reaffirmed his support for identification and a ban on assault weapons. Biden also said he had requested the Attorney General shortly after taking office to investigate any administrative measures he might have available in connection with gun control.

However, Biden opposed the proposal not to prioritize the issue, did not set the Senate agenda, and instead urged Congressional leadership to “step up and act.”

He specifically urged Senate leadership to submit a gun control bill passed by the House of Representatives as soon as possible.

Last month the house passed HR 8, 2021 Bipartisan Background Check Act With 227-203 votes. The bill extends the background checks requirements for the transfer of almost all guns, including private seller labor. Also, the sale of guns between individuals must be handled by an authorized firearms distributor who manages the weapons while the background check is in progress.

Around the same time, the house passed HR 1446, 2021 Extended Background Check ActThis will increase the amount of time an unlicensed person has to wait at least 10 business days to receive a completed background check prior to transfer.

However, Schumer, who is in charge of setting the Senate agenda as the majority leader, said, in part, because Democrats and Republicans of the Chamber of Commerce are trying to find a bipartisan compromise on this issue. I was waiting to submit a gun control bill. According to PBS correspondent Lisa Desjardin.

The need for tighter gun control follows yet another gun control. Mass shooting Eight people were killed at FedEx in Indianapolis on Thursday.

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