Brisbane’s blockade has been extended for 24 hours, leaving 11 areas with restrictions

CCP virus restrictions will be maintained for two weeks in parts of the southeastern and northern parts of Queensland, but the blockade of certain local governments will end on Friday night.

This is because three new locally acquired cases of COVID-19, a disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, were reported on Friday morning. Two of them are Carindale’s mother and daughter who visited many parts of Brisbane during the infection.

“We really need a contact tracer. This is Dr. Young’s advice to solve this problem really quickly today,” said Queensland Prime Minister Anastasia Parashek. Told reporters Friday morning.

The third case was a partner of the previous case who worked at Brisbane Airport.

As a result, Brisbane and Morton Bay snap lockdowns will be in effect for the next 24 hours.

However, Parasheck describes the targeted approach as a “mixed bag”, with restrictions on the blockade of Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich, Logan, Redlands, Gold Coast, Scenic Rim, Rocky Valley, Somerset and Townsville. Said it would end.

Wherever the blockage is expected to end, residents should carry a mask and wear it indoors whenever they are outside the home.

“This is an additional protection at this point before everyone is vaccinated,” Premier said of the face mask.

When eating or drinking in a cafe or restaurant, you need to be seated, and in a company or venue, one person every 4 square meters indoors and one person every 2 square meters outdoors.

Private gatherings are limited to 30 people, up to 100 people can attend weddings and funerals, and only 20 can dance at the wedding.

For small venues up to 200 square meters, 1 person per 2 square meters, up to 50 people are allowed.

Residents of the Brisbane and Morton Council areas may leave home only for important shopping, exercise, important work or research, long-term care, or access to medical care, including vaccination against the CCP virus, which cannot be done from home. I can do it.

The blockade will be reviewed on Saturday morning.

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