Britain accidentally evacuated people on the ban list from Afghanistan, but now they are letting go

Evacuation of Afghanistan, England

Members of the British Army are participating in an evacuation flight from the airport in Kabul. LPhot Ben Shread / UK MOD Crown copyright 2021 / Handout via REUTERS

  • The UK has discovered that someone evacuated from Afghanistan is on the ban list.

  • As a result of confirmation, they were not interested and could enter the country.

  • The defense minister said that being on the flight ban list may mean that the person needed to be checked.

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The UK mistakenly evacuated a person on the n0-fly list from Afghanistan, but later said he considered him safe enough to enter the country.

Government officials confirmed that an unnamed person was flown from Kabul to Birmingham, England, where it was flagged as part of a flight ban list. BBC reported..

The person was then investigated and authorities determined they were not of interest and allowed them to enter the country, according to the BBC.

Britain’s defense minister, Ben Wallace, told Sky News on Tuesday that the fact that the person was on the list did not pose a threat.

“We commonly call it the n0-fly list, but it has many subdivisions. This may be a guess about this individual-and this is this particular Guess about the individual-but it may “do not fly until they are checked”. There may be various conditions before flying. “

“It’s not always the case.’It’s too dangerous to fly.’Before you fly, make sure you know who you’re flying with.”

Since the Taliban takeover on August 15, thousands of people, including Afghanistan, who have supported foreigners and Western troops and are now afraid of retaliation from the Taliban, have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

The BBC reported that the BBC has evacuated 7,109 people from Afghanistan on British flights since August 13.

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