Britain accuses Russia of spreading “propaganda” as the second “doctor clip” of the Under Secretary of Defense

The UK has accused the Kremlin of spreading “propaganda” by posting a “Clip of the Russian State Doctor” after a second hoax video featuring Defense Minister Ben Wallace was released on Tuesday.

This clip appears to show part of a phone call between Wallace and Russian scammer Vladimir “Boban” Kuznetsov and Alexei “Lexus” Striyarov on March 17, disguised as the representative of Ukrainian Prime Minister Dennis Schmihari. am. The first clip of the video was posted on Monday.

Home Secretary Priti Patel also said last week that she was targeted by a phone call from a scammer, and Downing Street revealed that attempts to contact Cultural Secretary Nadin Dolly had failed.

The British Department of Defense (MoD) has accused the Russian state of being behind a prank call to Wallace, and the latest video is another of “Russian state doctor clips” and Russia’s “attempts to spread disinformation.” Called an example of.

The clip states that Britain “has run out of our own weapons” as Wallace provided Ukraine with 4,000 Next Generation Light Anti-Tank Weapons (NLAW) and sent them further to war-torn countries. It looked like it was.

and Twitter thread MoD, posted after the video was released, said the UK has sufficient NLAW for both its defense and NATO’s commitment.

“What’s new about Russia’s latest attempts to disinformation: The UK has provided the Ukrainian army with over 4,000 NLAWs to continue its resistance to Russia’s aggression,” the post said.

“The UK has enough weapons systems to protect Britain’s national security and maintain its commitment to @NATO, which includes a variety of systems,” MoD added.

“This video, like most Russian propaganda, is provided to obscure and manipulate the truth. People report on some of the clips by doctors in these Russian states and make them genuine. Must be very skeptical of accepting as. “

After the first part of the prank call was released on Monday, Wallace said, “The situation was so bad for the Kremlin that we must now rely on pranks and fake videos.”

The Defense Minister said he ended the call after being “suspicious”, sources suggest that the call lasted about 10 minutes, but the perpetrators before ending with a “merciful mutual farewell.” Claiming that it lasted 22 minutes, “a complete conversation in the next few days.”

An official spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“Russian information operations are standard practice to try and use these tactics. They aim to distract from illegal acts and human rights abuses in Ukraine. Therefore, Putin must fail. Don’t be distracted by our purpose of guaranteeing. Ukraine, “he added.

Lexus and Vovan were previously accused of having links to Russian security services.

Wallace publicly admitted that Moscow was targeted shortly after the March 17 call in an attempt to precede an attempt to disseminate the footage.

He also began a survey between Whitehalls to understand how he participated in video calls.

PA Media contributed to this report.

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