Britain approaches trade deal with Australia after Brexit

The Secretary of State for International Trade in the United Kingdom (UK) wants to make history by agreeing to a free trade agreement (FTA) with Australia.

“Our trade relationship is deep and long-term with the United Kingdom, which was once Australia’s major trading partner,” writes Liz Truss. Australian person“We left behind some of the oldest allies when we joined the European Community in the 1970s, and now is the time to correct this historic mistake.”

Mr. Truss called them “natural partners” because they are democracies that advocate freedom, fairness and high standards in areas such as food and animal welfare.

“I have a deep affection for your country and commend your principle position as a great advocate for trade against harmful practices such as China,” said Truss. Mentioned China’s ongoing economic coercion campaign against Australia; other countries such as the United Kingdom.

The FTA will further improve trade relations, which are currently close to $ 35 billion ($ 27 billion), and increase UK investment in Australia by more than $ 67 billion ($ 52 billion). UK food and beverage exports to Australia increased by 26.5% in 2016-20, indicating a growing demand for iconic UK products.

“This deal will give Australians more reasons to enjoy food and drinks such as Glenmorangie Scotch whiskey and Mr. Kipling cake, while British people will enjoy more Australian world-class wines and treats such as Tim Tam. Let’s do it, “says Mr. Truss.

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A man handling wine inventories at the Obsession Wines processing building in Tumbarumba, Australia, on November 24, 2020. (Lisa Marie Williams / Getty Images)

British farmers are the group most opposed to the FTA, and Scottish Minister Ian Blackford states that this will be the “last nail in the casket” for Scottish farmers and farmers.

Meanwhile, the Adam Smith Institute, a UK-based think tank, found that most British people support FTAs ​​below their spouse, with 64% of UK farmers supporting foreign countries of the same standard. It states that it should compete on an equal footing with imports from

The latest research treatise “Ever Closer Mates” (pdf), The Adam Smith Institute surveyed 1,500 British and 1,500 Australians and found that most of the two countries supported free trade agreements. Australians (69%) were slightly more supportive than British (65%).

Australian wine was the most popular food and drink that the British would buy more, and the Australians were most interested in eating more British shortbread and cheese.

The UK government has also stated that trade agreements could provide significant boosts to Scottish producers, with Truss “working hard” to eliminate 5% tariffs on exports of Scotch whiskey, pharmaceuticals and machinery. I’m fighting. “

“This agreement with Australia will be an important milestone in securing global opportunities for the UK beyond EU constraints,” said Scotland Secretary. Alister Jack said On June 3rd.

UK Export Minister Graham Stuart assured British businesses and consumers that the government would benefit from reduced trade barriers and bureaucracy as it signed trade agreements with countries around the world.

“The 800 Scottish companies that exported goods to Australia last year are no exception, and the other companies participating in them just showcase more of the best that the UK can offer,” said Stuart.

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